01 September 2013

Chapter One - The Return to Wonder


Here you are, a drop of the grand mystery,
Weighing in as best you can with what tools you have,
Still unable to fathom any who-what-where-when-why-how to it.
What can you do but be here, be now, temporal witness to the dream of time.

* * * *
If it is your calling, your fortune, your kismet, your fate, your destiny,
You will discern the me within you, the you within me, the same me,
The same awareness within and between all things great to small.

* * * *
Duality is temporal illusion.
There truly is no other.
Nor was there ever a second.
The real you has always been, ever is,
And will ever be, number one.

* * * *
Other than the endlessly wearing reality
That two-legged existence is politics from the get-go,
Why would it matter even one iota what any other thinks of you?
Forever alone, you must daily pretend you are not.

* * * *
How can you think
You have accomplished anything
If you have not yet discovered the unconditioned?

* * * *
The universe has been spontaneously, ingeniously crafted
That you might penetrate this point in time,
Conscious witness to the play.
The price of the ticket: ecstasy, agony, death.

* * * *
To gain the perfect edge, the sword must withstand the forge many times.

* * * *
The world, the universe, the hologram, the matrix, the quantum, call it what you will,
Is in a relentless state of consumption, a constant state of fluctuation,
Unscathed, unchanged, uncaring, all the while.

* * * *
Do not wait for everyone else to wake up.
The only way earth will join heaven is if you do.

* * * *
Love fabricated by desire is not that which is unconditional, freeing.

* * * *
The mind's potential is as a receiver,
Not an isolated, limited personal identity.
The point is to tune in directly to your channel.
No intermediaries are necessary.

* * * *
Your life is a reflection of your awareness.

* * * *
When desire becomes a mouthful of sawdust,
Realization is potentially just off stage,
And liberation not far behind.

* * * *
When you own this,
Identity cascades away inwardly.
The remnants are only a cloak others create.

* * * *
When its simplicity is understood,
Understanding is no longer required,
And only simplicity remains

* * * *
You can only observe the play of manifestation
And intuit its ultimate, absolute nature.
There is nothing to be changed,
Nothing to be done.
Nothing which can be done,
Except to freely embrace your totality.

* * * *
The desire to continue in time has created all this suffering.

* * * *
Be, anonymous, without identity, and awareness will manifest right action.

* * * *
How else could isness pretend to know itself but through Maya's playful veil?

* * * *
You can never know what it is, only what it is not.

* * * *
Consistency is the binding realm of ignorance.

* * * *
Suffering is the teacher and the teaching.

* * * *
The manifest universe is only real because you believe it real.

* * * *
Surrender what was never yours.
Your fate can be joyfully eternal.

* * * *
There is really no you or yours, only awareness of a brief dream.

* * * *
To find what you are ends what you are not.

* * * *
The merest trace of arrogance blinds you to your essential nature.

* * * *
You cannot expect, or even hope,
That many will even begin to comprehend
This inward journey you are compelled to wander.
It is a lifetime sojourn into the utter aloneness of true nature.
It is a many-are-called-few-are-chosen-fewer-still-volunteer kind of thing.

* * * *
Non-attachment, surrender, liberation – all require much practice.

* * * *
One's fear of not existing must end for this releasing to blossom and flower.

* * * *
You are nothing but a dream of the absolute to fathom its eternal fathomlessness.

* * * *
Until one sees it as an illusory, kaleidoscoping theater of light,
Pleasure and pain, the vexation that consciousness is,
Will continue, oblivious to the timeless at hand.

* * * *
When experiences lose flavor
When a disinterest for them sets in,
There comes an unquenchable thirst
To drink fully of the eternal spirit.

* * * *
Wander with an empty cup,
Always an apprentice, always a beginner.
Eventually, perhaps you will even do away with the cup.

* * * *
Totality creates and encompasses Maya.
Maya creates and encompasses you.
Go to the trickster's source, your Self.

* * * *
What is inward simplicity?
Not something cultivated nor forced,
But something so tentative, so momentary, so free,
All but the most discriminating pass right by, completely oblivious.

* * * *
Doubt everything you have been told, and discover for your Self what is true.

* * * *
Be wary of Maya's infinite ability to entice your desire for continuity.

* * * *
Neither resistance nor acceptance will connect you to the ultimate state of awareness.
You must be, allow, embrace, every aspect of consciousness as a whole,
If you are to rediscover the unbound state of the newborn.

* * * *
You know only what has been agreed upon within the given cultural blend.
Beyond the echoing collusion of any mythological set,
You can really know nothing.

* * * *
Believe only your own experiencing, then work on throwing that away, too.

* * * *
Identity is but an imprisoning, painful habit,
A play of light of temporal reality,
A fabrication to which mind desperately clings.
It requires the greatest courage of spirit to journey beyond it.

* * * *
The kingdom of liberation, often called heaven,
Awaits your arrival in each and every breath.

* * * *
Surrender yourself to that which you really truly are.
There is nothing else worth groping for or clinging to.

* * * *
At some point playing a prescribed identity
And participating in the collusion
Becomes so insufferable
That seeking release is not a choice.

* * * *
You must be absolutely fearless, absolutely desireless,
To reside like a lotus in timeless, unbounded oneness.

* * * *
Drop your identity,
Discover reality.

* * * *
So what is the point?
The point is, here you are, it is all you,
Breathe it in, breathe it out.

* * * *
Only when desire ends
For Maya's infinite bag of temptations,
Can one begin to fathom the joyful return to absoluteness.

* * * *
One day, if you are persistent, your identity evaporates into awareness.

* * * *
Personality worship of those who own this only impedes your own liberation.

* * * *
You may use a variety of drugs
To understand the relativity of consciousness,
But remember they are but tools to be consumed in moderation,
That it is the essential nature, not the medicine,
Which is being explored.

* * * *
Liberation is simple beingness,
Happily playing the spectrum from sage to fool
Without identification or concern.
It is unification with your ultimate nature.

* * * *
To find your true nature
You must be inwardly simple.
It is so subtle, so obvious, so arduous
Only the discriminating and determined discern it.

* * * *
Mind is illusion: Ignorance,
Knowledge, vanity, gratification,
Delusion, vexation, suffering,
And on and on and on.

* * * *
There is nothing you can protect or save.
All manifestation is eternally vulnerable to change.

* * * *
Any sense of separation is delusion.
Absolutely nothing is other than you.

* * * *
Behind the facade of manifestation, it is all equally unmanifest.

* * * *
You have always been the one and only sovereign number one.
Only the sensory mind-body has tricked you into believing duality real.

* * * *
It is identification that limits your infinity and blinds you to the suffering of duality.

* * * *
In the ceaseless quest for experiences you often miss the serenity of just being.

* * * *
Remember always that you are the creator of this playful illusion.
When you surrender and journey timelessly prior and beyond birth and death,
There is a growing awareness of the absolute's infinite power within.
A time to be even more wary of Maya's enticing games.

* * * *
Discover your absoluteness, realize it was never not there.

* * * *
None of it is what it appears to be.

* * * *
There can be no freedom in duality.

* * * *
When you no longer crave sensory experience,
You are staged to discover your essential reality.

* * * *
It is consciousness that suffers, not you.

* * * *
The persona, the identity, the individual
Created by the mistaken readings of the senses,
Is a binding expression of separation.
Your uninhibited, free and joyful true nature
Is, ever was, and ever will be a movement in unity.

* * * *
Understanding requires no knowledge, isness less than that.

* * * *
Even the most basic urge to exist causes the suffering of time-bound separation.

* * * *
Freedom cannot be except in fearlessness, which cannot be except in desirelessness.

* * * *
Knowledge of reality can be a great impediment to the emancipating surrender to reality.

* * * *
You speak of this experience or that, but are you any experience?
Or simply the timeless witness experiencing the eternal now.

* * * *
Believe what you choose, it is all the same.

* * * *
Saint or sinner, not an iota of difference to the dispassionate faceless witness.

* * * *
Until your desire for liberation
Cannot be contained even by death,
You will not own the true sweetness of being.

* * * *
Why do you suffer the dance?
Perhaps for the sheer inanity of the play
And the ultimate sojourn home.

* * * *
Manifestation is simply mask after mask
Disguising an artful, mischievous trickster,
Playing an eternal game of hide-and-seek.

* * * *
Your mind-body
Is merely a vehicle,
Not a conclusion in itself.
Catering to the many ists and isms
Of ignorance, delusion, and all its illusions,
Are contrary to your natural state.

* * * *
The absolute is without ideals, principles or laws.
What you choose to believe is the choice of delusion.

* * * *
In the unmanifest essence of all manifestation, we are forever bound, eternally one.

* * * *
Judgment Day assumes, of course, that there will someday be an end,
Or even a demarcation of one distraction, one agitation, or another.

* * * *
How can anyone play out an entire existence,
And never inquire earnestly, with great veracity, at least occasionally,
Upon this vast mystery from which all things spring.

* * * *
Nothing wrought of this quantum genesis is ultimately real.
Everything is imagined, everything is dreamily timeless.
All indivisibly appearing, all indivisibly disappearing,
Within and without the eternal matrix of awareness.

* * * *
Supreme being, or supreme beingness?

* * * *
Traditions and dogmas and rituals and symbols
Are nothing more than empty, burdening distractions
For those seeking to regain their true birthright.

* * * *
You are the gold, not the jewelry into which it is made.

* * * *
That I Am be you.

* * * *
All play a part in the indivisibility of every awakening.

* * * *
Challenging to own up
To one’s personal responsibility
For that which is, in each and every moment,
Created and preserved and destroyed.

* * * *
True friends will not let you assume false airs.

* * * *
The you that is in reality me, ever imagining your Self
To be another me that you mistakenly believe is really you.

* * * *
Light gets in your eye; sound, in your ear; taste, in your mouth;
Touch, in your flesh; smell in your nose; a universe in your mind.

* * * *
Informal communities are a little more relaxed, a little more cordial,
A little more civil, a little less disheveled, than the more organized ones.

* * * *
To all who caste themselves upon high, who herald themselves greater,
Know well there are many who reside on the level playing field
Who do not and will never subscribe to hollow pretense.
Might may make right, but it does not make true.

* * * *
Man and woman merge in the throws of sexual ecstasy.
In the quiet tempest of goo, two fertile eggs unite.
In the mystery of the woman’s dark womb,
In the eternal stillness before time,
The seed grows, forms into life.
Out comes an organism
Wired for a fate yet unknown
Into a universe of its own conception.

* * * *
Consciousness will just play you out
Once you are no longer attached
To its temporal, dualistic nature.

* * * *
Consume whatever you will,
But always, keep a firm reign of moderation
As you ride the mad bull through all its potential consequences.

* * * *
Unless you have managed to achieve the higher percentiles,
Best to be practical and frugal, best to live within your means.
Exorbitant debt can get unmanageably ugly way too very quickly.

* * * *
The other creates opportunity for reflection,
Something to which many throughout time and space
Have given their lives over, most often willingly, sometime not.
It is a creative enterprise, the pleasure of which sustains beyond measure.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Return to Wonder
Field Notes from the Unknown
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved