01 September 2013

Chapter 19 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


There is an enormously profound difference
Between righteousness and self-righteousness.

* * * *
It has all been just a fleeting dance of memory.

* * * *
What we call civilization is really domestication,
No different from what we have done to animals and plants.
Just a more complex set of hoops and jumps.

* * * *
How often the envy and vanity
Of individuals in groups work to sabotage
Those truly seeking to comprehend
What a teacher is teaching.

* * * *
The incessant temptation to continue seeking
Outward happiness through sense objects is strong,
And ever just as equally doomed to failure.

* * * *
Did god invent you, or you, god?
Hard to say for positively, absolutely sure,
But, by all personal observations accumulated thus far,
Odds are the latter.

* * * *
You cannot surrender totally to totality
If there is anything else you put before it.

* * * *
A lot of people talking about dying,
But not too many volunteering.

* * * *
Symbols and traditions often create
Addictive dependency on outward show,
Serving only to distract from the real one within.

* * * *
Be firm or harsh when you must,
Gentle and flexible when you are able.

* * * *
To whom do you apologize?

* * * *
Wherever you go, whatever you do,
The mystery is ever unfolding within.

* * * *
Passive understanding is the key.

* * * *
Negation eventually transforms into discerning wonder.

* * * *
What words cannot explain,
Faith must bridge and harmony cross.

* * * *
Can you stare at a blank wall
With the same eyes as that which you most value?

* * * *
For all to be empowered, encouraged and enlightened
Requires the love of a gardener for flowers and weeds alike.

* * * *
Through thick and thin,
Through breadth and depth,
Through all forms great and small,
The journey is ever the same essence.

* * * *
You lingered in my memory
For the remainder of my life.
In letting me go so easily,
You bring me closer
Forever after.

* * * *
Put aside all attempts to organize spiritual pursuit.
Like waves crashing endlessly upon an infinity of shores,
Each moment's timeless unfolding breaks spontaneously anew.

* * * *
Scholarly studies of the vain histories of this civilization or that
Seem to serve little purpose except to more efficiently expedite
Continuing degeneration of the diversity of life on this planet.

* * * *
It does not really matter at all
Who Jesus, Siddhartha or anyone else was.
Find out who you are and all questions will be answered.

* * * *
The politicians, priests, and aristocrats
Use your vanity to sustain their own.

* * * *
Drift on, sweetness.

* * * *
Dogmatic morality stagnates into legalisms.
Compassion flowers freely, rightly.

* * * *
Fellowship is the manifest expression of the unity of godness.
Dogmatic doctrines fabricated by groupthink are its antithesis.

* * * *
You play an individual persona, a separate ego-identity
Until you discern the strength to play indivisible godness.

* * * *
Any who erroneously believe they
Or anyone else possess sole title to godness
Miss completely the point of this wordy dissertation.

* * * *
In the current attempts to discern godness,
Knowledge, technology, history in every arena
Offers serious spiritual inquiry a nearly endless field
In the way of metaphors, similes, analogies and parables.

* * * *
Live your life that you discern completely for all time
The mortal existence of all creatures great and small.

* * * *
If you feel constricted by life,
You are not following your inner vision.
Write your time with your heart, not another's law.

* * * *
Put your mortal concerns second.
It is all you in the highest sense.

* * * *
What you hear another say
Is ever your own projection.
You must discern your own way
Using the dreamtime passing within you.

* * * *
Isness opens the door to infinity
To those who knock with discernment.

* * * *
To beg for oneself in any way
Is a misunderstanding of prayer
And of the point of surrender itself.

* * * *
Scientists are currently saying all that is manifest
Came from an atomic point smaller than an electron.
Where exactly do you as an individual personality
Fit when the universe someday closes shop?

* * * *
Since times beginning humanity has worshipped words and forms.
Many have seen that it is the inner nature that creates all,
Yet still the mind ever seeks to organize that which
Deigns to no manifestation its sovereignty.

* * * *
Comprehension of the spirit resides in the shifting dunes of insecurity.
Your attempts to get a foothold in the sands of timelessness
Are futile until you become one with the sand.

* * * *
Never hesitate to question anything and everything.
Despite its having no concrete answers, it is all questionable.

* * * *
Ego-identity is a temporal game consciousness plays
Until its craving shapes into the earnest quest
To find out what this mystery is all about.

* * * *
Do not equate faith with fear of god.
It is more accurately a sense of harmony in godness.

* * * *
Your routines and habits are signposts
Of that insecurity manifesting from within.

* * * *
As on the spinning pottery wheel
You are free to create, maintain or destroy.
It is your light show and you may play
And pay for it however you will.

* * * *
Whatever you may believe or think,
Compassion toward your fellow creatures
Is not such a difficult or impossible thing to muster.

* * * *
It is not so much what others think of you
As what you see and think of yourself.
To use others to that end is only projection.
You must discern and love what you really are.

* * * *
Undiluted awareness is the final attunement.

* * * *
Your attempts to surround yourself with beauty
Are often vain attempts to create it within.
Once within, however, what is without
May or may not take on a different concern.

* * * *
There is a balanced mixture of worship and humor to all of it,
A divine two-faced coin, made with a blend of serious absurdity.

* * * *
As long as the ego-identity dominates your life,
You will be separated from the jewel of life's potential.

* * * *
You cannot own reality until you can release everything.

* * * *
Peace is a quality of serenity within.
As an intellectual ideal it has little meaning
Because the mind's actions are planned,
Not a free spontaneous outcome.

* * * *
There is really only one spirit, one religion.
It manifests through fellowship without boundaries.
Any who misunderstand only perpetuate divisive confusion,
Laying claims to god without a foundation to stand on.

* * * *
When you run into someone who tells you that they are god,
But does not make clear that you and everyone else is as well,
Let some wind into your sail and leave a wake at their feet.

* * * *
Your innocence is never really lost,
Just hidden by innumerable protective layers.
A psyche fortress, a forged identity, a fabricated chameleon.
Where best for the thief to hide but where the real crime was committed?

* * * *
We have created a world in which
The illusion of time rules from cradle to grave.
Our technology doubles the thickness of Maya's weaving,
Extricating your mind from the muddle requires strength and courage.

* * * *
Your personality is merely a by-product of your original nature.
It is like the vegetation on a mountain, lush and fascinating,
But ultimately having little to do with the mountain itself.

* * * *
This life, what is this life you think you have?
What do you stubbornly cling to so tightly?
What do you ever really know or own?

* * * *
Each day you awaken and continue that ceaseless quest
For happiness, fulfillment and meaning.
To what end?

* * * *
There appear to be many degrees of faith
Depending on the blend of courage and discernment,
Yet are any more or less real than any other?

* * * *
Measure those you meet by their actions, their essence, not their ideals.
How often we gullibly follow the misrepresented word.

* * * *
A shopping spree is as deep as many seem to get
In contemplating the nature of space and time.

* * * *
Who do you trust most if not yourself.
If not, why not?

* * * *
Everyone poops and pees.
What vain fuss to think one person's
Is any better than another's

* * * *
A true understanding of fellowship
Looks past another's exterior
Into the eyes and heart.

* * * *
Our separateness from the manifest garden
Is reflected in statements like conquest of nature,
But what do we really defeat but ourselves?

* * * *
We have all been told so many things,
Countless contrary arguments and philosophies.
What to discern, how to know, is such a challenging road.
It is in this Soul quest that a sense of harmony
Must override the distracting confusion
And discern the highest view.

* * * *
Is there anything more bothersome
Than hypocritical self-righteousness?

* * * *
Just another light show,
Leave ‘em laughing
When you go.

* * * *
You don’t have to do anything, you know.

* * * *
Embarrassing, sure, if you’re bothered
By what any given other thinks of you.

* * * *
It’s certainly an interesting perspective, eh what?

* * * *
Who can say what it is you feel.

* * * *
Sorrow is of time.
Joy is eternal.

* * * *
As if you have to behave in any certain way.

* * * *
It’s for others to get over if it bothers them.

* * * *
Just another myth, just another trip played out
By the delusion of one self-absorption or another.

* * * *
Read it, and weep, wail and curse
That your ancestors spent your inheritance.
Yup, it was mighty good for them that had a taste of it.
A bit tougher on those many who died and otherwise suffered for it.
But, what the hey, isn’t that the way they say it goes.

* * * *
The difference between heaven and hell
Is but a momentary, ephemeral state of mind.
Suffer those whose thunder perfect mind
Is unable to discern the tranquility
Prior to consciousness.

* * * *
How in god’s name
(If there ever was such a thing)
Did you create all this?

* * * *
Connect the dots as you please.

* * * *
You can say what you please,
As long as you don’t talk too loud.

* * * *
Every breath a bit closer to the last.

* * * *
Could s/he be any more pathetic?

* * * *
Those who lack vision
Tend to follow or mimic
Those who do.

* * * *
Curious how many different labels
Can be attached by so many
To the same individual.

* * * *
So many lies polluting all our minds.

* * * *
All that desire, all that craving, all that yearning,
Does it really foster real happiness?
Does it really bring real joy?

* * * *
How can you use a word like love
When you don’t even know what it means?

* * * *
I Am,
The beginning and end
Of all creation.

* * * *
What need is there to lie
When the truth is more amusing.

* * * *
Perhaps you are mad.
Oh well.

* * * *
Reframing the big picture without a frame.

* * * *
What you do in the younger years of your existence,
You will, in who knows how many ways,
Pay for in whatever’s left.

* * * *
Too negative a view?
Or just too real, too frightening
To pull your quaking head out of the sand?

* * * *
It is what you dream it to be.

* * * *
Why do you deny your Self?

* * * *
There you are, innocent of all charges,
Being once again tortured by some other.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved