03 October 2009

Chapter 220 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Power without wisdom
Brings only confusion and destruction.
With wisdom there is a guardianship in every decision.

* * * *
These words are your most sovereign voice
Verifying what you in the most daring moments suspected
But doubted because you did not believe you were worthy of godness.
You are.

* * * *
What are you attached to
But a complex set of sensations?

* * * *
Each has an allotted time
Which we may spend as we are able
According to circumstances.
What is your will?
What would you give your life to do?
How are you spending your momentary existence
In this temporal manifest dreamy theater?

* * * *
The dependencies created by so many so-called teachers
Are remarkable for their brazenly vain manipulation.

* * * *
Envy is a major factor in the confusion of the human drama.
So few are truly content with their allotment in the genetic lottery.
Whether it is the result of the social context or the mind born of limitation,
The destructive result is ever the same play of vain imagination.

* * * *
In less than one hundred years,
Most of humanity will have cycled
Back into the fleeting dust of eternity,
And a fresh sprouting of consciousness
Will venture through this manifest dreaming.
How quickly the cosmic weaving changes form,
Every point and particle a time-bound play of wonder.

* * * *
Why worship anyone
Whether alive or dead, born of time,
But for your own incomplete, limited inner vision?

* * * *
Humanity’s genetic need for approval from others
Is driving us into a seething so-called civilized rabidity
From which things will emerge quite different.

* * * *
All fighting is for short-term results,
No matter what calls to glory
Are paraded in your imagination.

* * * *
I have seen you in so many ways and places.
I know you as well as I do my Self.
I am within you peering out,
Wondering at your version of time and space.
I am you and we are bound through all illusion, one.

* * * *
Funny how your image of the universe,
As grand a lightshow as it may be,
Is entirely fabricated by your mind alone.
No one has ever seen it exactly the way you do.
We are all very much akin to the snowflake.

* * * *
Despite the most rational approach toward life,
The passionate mind of the personal nature ever again
Casts itself into intense suffering in all but those
With the most determined detachment.

* * * *
What are you really attached to
But certain habitual chemical-electrical patterns
Which create the illusion of continuity and imagined security?

* * * *
As long as you believe you are the manifest sensory body,
You will be caught in the endless suffering of self-imagery.

* * * *
The passionate mind caught in time
Is drawn out again and again by the senses
And the infinity of dreams they weave.

* * * *
When all you have to eat and drink is laced
With poisons placed there by your ancestors,
You will still consume it in the drive to survive.

* * * *

If you see that you are the one no matter the mask or costume,
That you have played every part and particle of the entire spectrum,
What need to judge any portion of any part of this dreamy manifest creation?

* * * *
The more effort you make
To be seated near god,
The further away you move.

* * * *
All claims to authority are founded
Upon the gullibility of those
Who want to believe.

* * * *
Hierarchies to god are fabricated by those
Who want it to be more than what it already is,
For the better position, more power, more acclaim,
Greater wealth, or a seat closer to that which they seek.
They are all created by those perpetually dissatisfied
With the mystery they already are and will ever be.

* * * *
You are not obligated to engage in the play around you.
That is the choice of the mind’s response to sensory data.

* * * *
No nation-state, corporate entity
Or any other group mindset
Has ever stood the test of time.

* * * *
God is only speculation
Until the path dissolves.
So many work so hard
To appease a concept
They can only contend.

* * * *
Either you see it or you do not.
Anything less is the muddy water of Self-doubt.

* * * *
Be fully what you are when you are.
Do not try to be what you are not when you are not.
Hesitation and effort are the binds of suffering.

* * * *
What will be your last temptation?

* * * *
You dream yourself real,
But that which is prior to all dreams
Is the undreamed reality.

* * * *
Besides being told to want this or that,
What do you truly want?

* * * *
To reside absolutely is unassailable detachment.

* * * *
Each fulfills a dream, an individual perspective originated
By time’s mix of genetics, geography and the collusion of mythology.
There is no real escape but through death, either of the body
Or in consciousness prior to the vehicle’s demise.

* * * *
Like a calm breeze or fierce wind,
The energy moves to and fro
In what we call thought.

* * * *
Wealth just means bigger bets and debts.

* * * *
Try as you might,
You cannot destroy your Self.

* * * *
All that you invest in life
Is eventually lost to the eternal dust mop.

* * * *
As you do not care for judgments against you,
Others do not care for those you pass onto them.
Judge and you will spawn similar judgments.
Abide quietly and you will be treated in kind.

* * * *
Probably just about anyone,
No matter how acute their thinking,
Can be drawn into the quagmire of duality.
There is a trial for every delusion.

* * * *
Anytime you crave that which only time creates,
You are tacking toward a storm of suffering.

* * * *
You are a Lucifer finding your way home.

* * * *
Vanity takes every tangent imaginable.

* * * *
Why feel any guilt, remorse or regret? Why apologize?
Simply fathom the experience and meander on.
You need not be bound by the sins of time
In an idolatrous god eat god world.

* * * *
Who craves the respect of a fool?

* * * *
If you don’t want your children to suffer,
Don’t bring any into this world.

* * * *
We are political animals,
But it is our pride that keeps us from doing it well.

* * * *
Push all the others out of your thoughts,
And abide in the abeyance.

* * * *
What makes you think the infinite source of consciousness
Is the least bit concerned with the vast soap opera
Springing from its ocean of beingness?
A soap is ever just a soap.

* * * *
Vanquish all fear.
It is your mind’s inattention
Which tortures you so.

* * * *
Discern the assumptions
Behind passion and conviction.

* * * *
It is the overwrought expectations
Which create disappointment and suffering.

* * * *
We cannot make believe competition does not exist.
It is woven tightly into the material of our origin.
The challenge is discerning the balance
Between necessity and intention.

* * * *
The tyranny of might
Allows much opportunity
For the passions of revenge.

* * * *
Having a large hoard of gold
And a great number of possessions
Certainly says something about one’s life.

* * * *
Sometimes it’s the first hit, first blood,
That sets the course of action.

* * * *
There are endless reasons and opportunities
To be passionately nasty and cruel in this mortal plane.
How challenging to refrain from the temptations.

* * * *
The equation is really quite simple.

* * * *
Don’t bite the hand that serves you.

* * * *
We have created godness,
And it is us.

* * * *
Death is ending where none exist.
Birth is its beginning.

* * * *
Whatever you believe on any matter is meaningless.
It is what it is and any belief is only a set of arbitrary concepts
Founded upon subjective assumptions of any give perceptual selection.
Conclusions drawn from any database are ever finite projections.

* * * *
Best of all to be freely content, empty of craving,
And the suffering tentacles of every form of fear.

* * * *
Burn it however you will, the clay bakes the same.

* * * *
Do you think the sun would compare itself to another?

* * * *
Followers create every sort of mischief in their delusion.
It is foolish and dangerous to encourage that game.

* * * *
Step totally into the inner eye and the holograph is consciously one.

* * * *
Words such as these only put you to sleep
If you are not ready for the vision.

* * * *
It seems so real that you often forget.

* * * *
Why take a dream seriously?

* * * *
At issue in any quest is
Do you really want to find that
To which you endow so many words?

* * * *
Breathe in love,
Breathe out love.
It is the air you breathe,
The felt upon which you walk.

* * * *
Love thy Self and you will love no other.

* * * *
These many contemplations, as silly as it is, are
The purpose and meaning of this scribe’s existence.

* * * *
Do not allow time’s passing to frighten or coerce you.
Do not let technology and propaganda rule your mind.

* * * *
God most assuredly does play dice with the universe, Mr. Einstein.
Have already shellacked the devil more times than I can recall
And have got some mighty fine whiskey and cigars
For when god and I roll all or nothing.

* * * *
Ain’t it fun to be irreverent?
Oh, I am going to burn.

* * * *
We are playing a game
To which I no longer foster
More than cursory involvement.

* * * *
Fighting a paradigm
Is Quixote and windmills.

* * * *
Revolutions are not won by people
Who get themselves killed.

* * * *
Be here now.
Be there then.

* * * *
Being one
Doesn’t mean the other doesn’t weary or piss you off.

* * * *
These words speak of truth
With the same enormity and shallowness
Of any other work ever invented by the human drama.

* * * *
The human mind cannot attain the supreme mind
But through intentional surrender of the known.

* * * *
Odds are you can hear them,
But they will never even listen to you.

* * * *
How many plot cheating death,
But who wonders that death
Will ever cheat them?

* * * *
The pie is always,
No matter how many ways
It has yet to be carved.

* * * *
There’s always something else you could be doing.

* * * *
Insects have it far more together than human beings ever will.

* * * *
You need not feed the hell within.

* * * *
Behind so many eyes there is hard calculation.

* * * *
So many reflections.
Some profound, some vain and petty.
Some general, some as specific as pin pricks.
Some self-absorbed, some Self-absorbed.
No limits set in a diary few will ever see.

* * * *
The weaving of consciousness
Is played out in every way by all.

* * * *
God is as petty and mean as ourselves.
A half-baked burnt-out creator,
Dry-tasting and bitter,
One better left in a dumpster
Than worshipped as noble and loving.

* * * *
All thought is attachment.

* * * *
Dare you leave your home without your demons?

* * * *
It’s much easier to breathe when you are content.

* * * *
If wisdom were golden sovereign,
Wise fools would perchance be kings.
But alas for time’s destiny, fools are kings
And false folly the tide of all it brings.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved