27 September 2009

Chapter 239 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Whenever, however they may arrive, the pandemics,
The environmental and economic collapses,
All the countless consequences
Of our synergistic design, are coming,
And the greatest challenge of those who survive,
As they rebuild civilization, as they construct a new paradigm,
Will be to somehow never again foolishly overlook
The natural physical laws upon which
Manifestation is founded.

* * * *
But first we must endure a harsh nature-born calamity, a die-off
On a scale that our species has never encountered.
A horror story that will make everything
We have seen in our ascendance
Look like a relaxing meander in the park.
A time that may well mold the mind into a new paradigm,
A sensible trail from whence our descendents will not far wander again.

* * * *
Wisdom and compassion are hard-won in this callous world.
You must forgive your many trespasses
Upon so many.

* * * *
The irony is that those who attain leadership positions
Are so often incompetent or ill-suited by nature to lead.

* * * *
Neither is it what we imagine it to be,
Nor is it not what we imagine it to be.

* * * *
Some see more, some see less,
But we all see the same mystery
Ever cloaked by a sensory dream.

* * * *
God dissolves with the suspension of imagination.

* * * *
Why you?
Well, why not you?
After all, it had to be somebody,
And in this round, it looks like it was your turn.
Deal with it, get over it, move on.

* * * *
History is an imaginary anchor
In an eternal journey which perceives
Neither space nor time nor beginning nor end.

* * * *
Just another of the many idolatrous forms
So-called religion so typically manifests.

* * * *
It always comes back to this.

* * * *
It’s really just about breathing,
And listening very closely
To the silence within.

* * * *
Is any given angel
Really any more favored by godness
Than any given demon?

* * * *
About this, be Self-conscious.

* * * *
Rest in peaceful assurance that Mother Earth
Will abide long after we are food for worms.

* * * *
After you walk away from enough roles, wear enough hats,
You discern you have never really been any of them.
You are in reality the great null and void playing
In a dreaming of conscious reality.

* * * *
Woke up again today.

* * * *
This pulpit is a paper-only forum.
Anonymity assures a purity of form.

* * * *
No matter how discerning your vision,
You will not find anyone within.
You are really nothing
But an imaginary sack of concepts.

* * * *
You cannot solve any given problem
Until you are willing to see the solution

* * * *
A fool loves his gold.

* * * *
What other exists in your mind
But the one you project.

* * * *
Each of us finds many different interests during a lifetime,
And stay with them for as long as they are interesting.
At some point many discern an interest in godness,
When that is said and done, they return home.

* * * *
Simple . . . pure . . . real . . .
What else could it be?

* * * *
How is it that ants believe
God favors them over all others?
What arrogance that they do not realize
Human beings are the most favored.

* * * *
All history is based on whatever happens right now.
Decisions are based on habit, and habits are subject to change.
Nothing need stay the same bur for one’s attachment
To the empty security of the mind’s vanity.

* * * *
The personal I am
And the impersonal I Amness
Are very much the same,
Just different visions.

* * * *
It is impossible to measure
All the gold you truly are.

* * * *
The patterning has created this dreaming
Through an evolutionary process,
But the ever-changing stage
Is only the given nature
Of eternity’s quantum ground.

* * * *
The mortal dreaming of consciousness
Is ephemeral in every form taken,
Despite the immortal nature
Of that upon which it is founded.

* * * *
The unknown is much greater
Than the pretense of knowledge.

* * * *
The witness awakens within the rare,
And they discern with the vision of godness
The unfolding of genesis, and create many narrations
For those yet to be born to once again discover
And witness the source of all being.

* * * *
All have a vision
Of what is real,
And what is not.
Some visions, however,
Depending on the degree of attachment,
Are more accurate than others.

* * * *
A choice in which there really is no choice.

* * * *
Being awake does not necessarily make life easier,
Merely more mysterious in an understandable way.

* * * *
What matter any of these thoughts
As you discern the true nature of the dream?
They are the paradox of consciousness.

* * * *
The analytical mind must avoid
Being trapped by its own analysis,
Critical thinking by its criticism.

* * * *
You are not obligated to anything
But through you own consent.

* * * *
What can you not imagine being
Which is, at the core, any different
Than that which you already are?

* * * *
Give the other no thought.

* * * *
The rare awaken one by one.

* * * *
Seeds are again and again
Replaced by the next generation.
Who can ever predict into what future
Any form will flower and abide.

* * * *
We measure . . . we measure . . . we measure.
How we do believe it so important to measure.

* * * *
Herein is described a drunk
That cannot be imagined.

* * * *
Surrender to the silence of space.

* * * *
Desire and fear operate in the field
Of time founded in the spacious void.

* * * *
What is written of here
Is much older and younger
Than any universe.

* * * *
A mantra introduces you to the field of sound within your mind..
Watch it closely until you discern the source from which it springs.
That is home.

* * * *
The guides are many,
But few start the journey,
And fewer still arrive.

* * * *
Desire and fear find no footing
In the stillness before time.

* * * *
Move slowly or move quickly,
The timeless is ever-present.

* * * *
What any other thinks about you
Need not be your concern.
Who can judge you
Who is not your own creation?

* * * *
Many speculate on godness in one fashion or another.
None is really any more bona fide than any other.
They are all merely swirls of conceptual design.

* * * *
Getting home is much easier than staying there.
Consciousness is alluring in every way imaginable,
And the beguiling play of passion is not easily quelled.

* * * *
All paradigms are subject to change.

* * * *
Those who roam the vain fields of power, wealth and status
Are easily entangled in unenviable lives of hellish design.

* * * *
Why care what another thinks of you?
You are, no matter the reflection cast.

* * * *
That, too, may well be true.

* * * *
The patterning of seeds
Weave and waft to and fro
In the winds of eternity.

* * * *
Why bother with talk
If you have no intention
Of taking the walk?

* * * *
Change offers the opportunity
To fight, withdraw or embrace.

* * * *
Can any of us really change
Whatever it is that we say and do?
We are all locked in one pattern or another.
To see beyond all patterns is itself a part of the weaving.

* * * *
You perceive me, and I you,
And together we create a new moment.
Within the bounds of whatever has brewed before,
History will continue to weave the moment our synergy provokes.

* * * *
Rabid cynic, eternal optimist

* * * *
Every mind is a unique swirl of consciousness.
Some are grand, ecstatic celebrations of life’s potential,
Others a descent through every fathom of purgatory.

* * * *
The human drama.
At times so exhilarating, at times so exhausting.
No wonder so many believe good and evil real.

* * * *
Once you fathom the inner solitude,
The need for the many others
Just sort of gradually,
Naturally takes a back seat.
Merely a means to dance, if you will,
In whatever way you will.

* * * *
You wonder what others think of you,
And again and again, it ever ends up being
Whatever judgment you project in the translation.

* * * *
You think whatever it pleases you to think.
You achieve whatever it pleases you to achieve.
Yet, whatever melody you offer in the song of godness,
Is it really any more than a choiceless choice
Born of conscious design?

* * * *
Consciousness is merely a temporary fixation.

* * * *
From the moment any sound is expressed, any event is experienced,
It undergoes a translation within the mind of the perceiver.
Who knows what human history would be
If so much was not altered in those translations.

* * * *
Would the mainstream Christian even know
What to do with the real Jesus if he were to return?
Odds are, they would martyr him again
Just to clear their conscience.

* * * *
Some call it Brahman, some God.
Others Allah, Jehovah, Great Spirit or Tao.
I call it the mystery of the all in one, and one in all.

* * * *
Now rules.

* * * *
It’s easy to declare it
The greatest story ever told
It it’s the only one you’ve ever read.

* * * *
How much intelligence is required
To discern that everything is connected?
How has our species become so blind to reality?

* * * *
What is truly sacred but the nowness,
That ephemeral, ever-fleeting eternal presence,
That which has ever, yet never been.

* * * *
Meditation is complete surrender to the passing moment,
Pure awareness detached from the quagmire of mind and body,
A sober witnessing at the most essential level consciousness will allow.

* * * *
Surrender to that which frees you.

* * * *
Even the “I Am” is conceptual delusion.

* * * *
As long as you are in a conscious sensory form,
You will be forced to endure the suffering of separation.
And in that divisiveness will in every moment
Be the opportunity for reunification.

* * * *
Truth has never been all that popular.
Sex and Harry Potter are what sell.

* * * *
Revolutionaries do not tend to ask for permission.

* * * *
There’s no point to reading any of this
If you lack the doubt required.

* * * *
To see what it is, and what it is not,
Therein is the crux to any answer.

* * * *
For those who have no vision or ear for truth,
There is surely an expert in your future.

* * * *
A species whose selfishness
Permeates every choice
Will not long endure.

* * * *
Whether or not we know its currents,
We all yield to the rip tides of history.

* * * *
Once again, the mystery is afoot
Searching for words to avert
Its being seen too clearly.

* * * *
The word is not the thing,
And from the quantum view,
The thing is not the thing, either.

* * * *
Ethics is the luxury of a full belly and a safe harbor.

* * * *
Patchwork solutions tend to get patchwork results.

* * * *
It is through dualistic relationship that knowledge is born.
And often, alas, it is at the expense of others
That wisdom is gleaned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved