19 September 2009

Chapter 260 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Perhaps the hardest thing to overcome
Is deep, abiding, insoluble prejudice
Toward self-absorbed ignorance.

* * * *
Bitter medicine for what ails us all.

* * * *
The innocence of childhood
Is a mind not yet tossed to and fro
By the innumerable travails of the world.

* * * *
What is consciousness
But a thunderstorm given order.
By a quantum-gone-neural confabulation.

* * * *
Can you live with not knowing?

* * * *
Just more human bullshit.

* * * *
Humanity's endless positioning for God's charity is absurd.
What god is anyone beseeching for eternal mercy
But one contrived by limited vision.

* * * *
When you hear someone pronounce
God is omnipresent, omnipotent, omni-everything,
Is not there the realization that the infinite ocean also includes you?
All sense of separation is the deception of free will.

* * * *
As soon as any human being is born into this world,
The given environment begins imprinting its ceaseless demands.
It is the original separation, the sensory division that few
Ever even begin to discern, much less fathom.

* * * *
Through the senses,
The world daily meanders
The labyrinth of your imagination.

* * * *
Any given personal nature will inevitably be rubbed out.
That which is the impersonal source of all forms
Ever remains eternally untouched.

* * * *
A seamless reverie
Of imaginary junctures.

* * * *
Until you identify soully with the whole,
You will suffer in imagination's separation.

* * * *
How easily the mind can become its own worst enemy.

* * * *
If you think yourself imperfect,
It is because you have an ideal of perfection
An imaginary notion that can never be attained in dualistic reality.

* * * *
Breathe in the universe,
Breathe out the universe.

* * * *
Far easier to be caught up in wave after wave
Of suffocating self pity, oppressive guilt or violent rage
Than it is to examine the source of all passion
As a scientist would a grain of sand.

* * * *
When you are ready to discern the greatest vision, somehow it will happen.
The play unfolds in its own, spontaneous, mysterious way.
To what end, only time can tell.

* * * *
Humanity's time-bound expedition
Is laden with far more conceit than insight,
A reality weighing heavily in its unfolding destiny.

* * * *
What exactly is it
About your imaginary personality
That you would if you could have continue forever?

* * * *
If you believe in god and devil,
It is challenging to discern the fact
That it is you who have created both.

* * * *
That you would for even a moment
Believe yourself separate from anything
Is a measure of the lie you have conceived.

* * * *
The worship of any person, place, thing or idea is idolatry.
Real worship is neither possible nor necessary
Once you see that which you worship
Has ever been your Self.

* * * *
Contrary to its innumerable imaginary machinations,
Humanity's presence in this manifest dreamtime is not guaranteed..
Our continued survival is based solely on the capacity
To abide by the unwritten, yet obvious,
Rules of physical law.

* * * *
Fascinating how many have sculpted their god of money.

* * * *
Neither he nor her nor it,
That which so many label god
With one word or another
It is a faceless force
Prior to all manifestation.

* * * *
What good does it really do
To credit or blame your lot in life
On the world about you?
Fate is as fate does.

* * * *
God is a conceptual drug born of imagination.

* * * *
Sensory separation is the foundation of languages across the world.
The subject-object attributes of me, you, we, they, them and it
Denotes the power of sound in your dualistic reverie.

* * * *
Look back at any recollection of your perceived life,
And you will discern the same witness
You have ever been.

* * * *
The sheath of knowledge
Is but a temporary covering.

* * * *
You will not be finished with this world, or any other,
Until you can witness any aspect of any dream
With complete and utter detachment.
What draws you in, holds you
For as long as you cling.

* * * *
The environment into which you were born
Molded your mind and body
Long before
You even had a whiff of will to resist.

* * * *
The world would not exist but for the eyes to see it,
The tongue to taste it, the nose to smell it, the ears to hear it,
The skin to feel it, and the mind to imagine it all so.
The senses can perceive only exteriors,
And the mind must be transformed
To intuit the depths of manifest beingness.

* * * *
But for the vaguest memories,
It is as if it never happened at all.

* * * *
Anything will mean to someone
Whatever the given awareness allows.

* * * *
Bone weary.

* * * *
Someone has an indescribable mystical vision,
Which s/he proceeds to in detail describe.
Others, caught in the web of words,
Scramble for a piece of the pie,
Never remotely grasping the vision
Which they enviously promote and defend.

* * * *
All that is, is born of the same ground,
Merely different geographical assumptions,
All equally molded of the same mystery.

* * * *
A dramatic revolution in consciousness
Is required to turn the sharp corner racing humanity's way.
Literally, a quantum paradigm shift.

* * * *
You are that to which you so plaintively pray.

* * * *
The stillness is the benchmark of awareness.

* * * *
You are the nexus of your universe.

* * * *
It is every form's disposable nature
That exhibits the same eternal source
In each and every part and particle.

* * * *
Be vigilant of those who resolutely question,
Else you might be compelled to examine
The bubble of an imaginary universe
Your mind every moment sustains.

* * * *
The truth cannot be dictated by time.

* * * *
Too predictable to be worthy of much notice.

* * * *
Interesting how we all wander about
Tagging ourselves with this label or that.

* * * *
The hold ignorance has on humankind
Requires a reckoning few dare fathom.

* * * *
Belief, being merely speculation,
Can never touch true knowing.

* * * *
Every culture abides a norm
With which a free soul is never
More than outwardly compatible.

* * * *
The mind that seeks order
Has again and again mistakenly attempted
To capture and fashion truth into concepts, symbols and equations.

* * * *
You are not required
To hold onto the universe
Swirling about your monkey mind.

* * * *
No one but you can ever really validate you.
Depending on anyone else for sanction
Is a well-worn road to perdition.

* * * *
Symbols and rituals
Are the indolent seeker's
Rendition of the quest for truth.

* * * *
Expectation is a root of disharmony.

* * * *
Maya renders so many sensory enticements.
How challenging it is for anyone to be
Completely free of any desire.

* * * *
What long-winded parable or explanation does a truth-seeker need
That an aphorism cannot, with much less effort,
Make perfectly clear?

* * * *
Try holding onto anything or anyone without feeling pain.
Attempts to create a gentler, kinder world
Are generally idealistic mouthings
Without any real intent.
We are too bound to our greed
And its inevitable shallowness and diminishment.

* * * *
There are tourists,
And there are travelers.
Practically two different species,
Almost mutually exclusive in their motivations.

* * * *
Fruit flies sealed in the laboratory bell jar
Deny the honey's inevitable depletion
As the mindless population desperately vies
For that which once seemed so infinitely plentiful.

* * * *
How about mooning each other daily,
So that we are reminded
What assholes
So many of us so often are.

* * * *
A great sense of humor
May well be the only remedy
For the absurdity that ails us all.

* * * *
The paradigm can never change
Until enough realize we are all faking it,
And make an across-the-board determination
To manifest much more equitable behavior
Towards all creatures great and small,
And this garden world in general.

* * * *
Don't be holding your breath
For that dreamy, idyllic notion.

* * * *.
The challenge is to assume responsibility
For your innumerable thoughts and actions,
No matter how beneficial or reprehensible.

* * * *
You may say that I'm a dreamer,
But I'm not the only one.

* * * *
Technology cannot forever sustain
This calamity in the making.
No concept will ever dominate nature.
Only delusion deceives us into such inane pretenses.

* * * *
Goodness resounds in hearts
Where the no-mind resides.

* * * *
Until a sense of godness is invoked
In the everyday momentary mundane,
The ultimate unmanifest reality of existence
Cannot achieve its manifest potential.

* * * *
You have to do something,
Even if it is nothing.

* * * *
The love you solicit from another
Can only equal that which you impart.

* * * *
You personally are the impersonal.

* * * *
To have friends, you must be a friend.
To have lovers, you must be a lover.
To have enemies, you must be an enemy.
The world you project is the world in which you exist.

* * * *
May be wrong, may be wrong, no boubt adout it.

* * * *
These many thoughts are for those who survive the fall.

* * * *
Those claiming they are Jesus,
Buddha or Elvis are obviously delusional.
Whoever any historical personalities were, however,
All are seeds playing out different nows
Of the same eternal origin.

* * * *
Humankind is capable of manifesting
Every imaginable stratum of hell or heaven.
From the eternal perspective it really matters not at all,
But what an epilogue it would be if the species
Were to evolve into its fullest potential.

* * * *
Now springs eternal.

* * * *
Mountains rise and fall countless times
In the infinite geography of eternity.

* * * *
Nature has many ways
Of bringing attention
Back into focus.

* * * *
For there to be heaven,
All must agree to abide there.

* * * *
These many thoughts merely point out what seems obvious to these eyes.
What outcome they may, or likely will not, serve in bringing about
Is the choice of consciousness plays out in every mind.

* * * *
An interjection into history's unfolding.

* * * *
The deadly cancer began in Africa,
And spread relatively quickly across the world.
Although the garden's potential was relatively unaffected,
Its surface was scarred for many eons to come,
And its many inhabitants great and small
Suffered in every way imaginable,
Many to the point of extinction
Long before their time.

* * * *
Very complicated, and very simple,
All in the same each and every moment.

* * * *
Even supreme beings
Probably get constipated
Every once and awhile.

* * * *
Through natural law,
The chaos of the eternal origin
Is given manifest order.

* * * *
Take all those science classes modern education offers --
Biology, chemistry, physics and their brethren --
View them together, and see how clearly
They point to the same oneness.

* * * *
Curious how the masses prefer
Tradition, superstition and ignorance
To their own direct, lucid, rational observation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved