19 September 2009

Chapter 258 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Another thing about which
You will have to plead agnostic.

* * * *
Merely pointing out the obvious
To those discerning and courageous enough
To see the truth of it for themselves.

* * * *
To make your peace with godness,
Seek within.

* * * *
Your manifest existence
Is really no different
Than that of any other seed.

* * * *
What is the point of this manifest exercise?
Who will be left when the answer becomes apparent?

* * * *
You can attach to nothing
But through your thoughts about it.

* * * *
You need only prove anything
To your own satisfaction.

* * * *
To whom do you lie, who do you cheat,
From whom do you steal, or who do you kill,
But your Self in another form?
Does it matter?
Do you believe it does,
Or does not, is your dream's answer.

* * * *
Extrapolate into infinity.

* * * *
It is an really an inquiry without conclusion
Except for those who collude in delusion.

* * * *
To sow a seed assures its death.

* * * *
These words are for those
Who will not be deterred by any lie,
No matter how extraordinary.

* * * *
All the seeds of the manifest
Bud, blossom, decline and dissolve.
The timeless theater of life playing out in time.

* * * *
If and when you discover this,
You will know everything
There is to know.

* * * *
Is karma real and true in the vast play of time,
Or merely another fabrication of consciousness?
Only if you give it the weight of your acquiescence.

* * * *
Can the dualistic nature of consciousness
Ever reconcile with its indivisible nature?

* * * *
Discerning this, does your patterning change?
The language, habits and knowledge has not changed;
Simply the understanding of their function in a much grander context.
Very different, yet very much the same.

* * * *
Who is it who experiences the experiencing
But an invention of consciousness,
A temporal, imagined entity
Born of the immaculate nature,
A quantum fiction that can never exist
As more than a fleeting neurological dream.

* * * *
Did god create man, or man, god?
The mind, evolved of sensory separation,
Is not hardwired to readily comprehend the truth
That in reality absolutely nothing is separate from anything.

* * * *
Neither chaos nor order,
It really is both more and less
Than imagination can ever imagine.

* * * *
So many obligations you burden your Self with.
How well your mythos has convinced you
To carry out its dogmatic bidding.

* * * *
Still the innumerable thoughts,
And dissolve into the quantum infinity
You truly are, have ever been,
And will ever be.

* * * *
When concepts no longer confine you,
Karma is among them.

* * * *
From reality's perspective,
It does not matter what you think,
Or if you even think at all.

* * * *
How the waves do enjoy their crashing play,
Forgetting all the while they are only
The fringes of the depths.

* * * *
Every moment you gaze upon your creation.
Does it please you?

* * * *
Over and over we have seen
That wisdom cannot be transmitted.
It is earned, not learned.

* * * *
A sense of humility arises
When you clearly discern
That in the absolute reality
You are equal to everything.

* * * *
If humanity wishes to have its seed line
Continue the innumerable adventures
Offered by the theater of space and time,
It must realign with the staid rhythms of nature.

* * * *
What inane concoctions we invent
To rationalize our mercurial behavior.

* * * *
Put whatever masks you will upon your idolatry,
It is to the faceless nature prior to all forms
To which all devotion is ultimately made.

* * * *
With the universe unfolding within you,
How can you as witness not discern ironic humor
In every aspect of the theater so congested by human pathos.
So feel free to pass in levity whatever moments are left in this life's journey,
For there is truly no other jester better suited to contain it.

* * * *
Curious how so many human beings
Are so irrationally obsessed with their inanities
That they truly believe they are the center of the universe,
That they are the primary purpose for its creation.
How is it that they do not see godness
Equally enjoys witnessing
All under its sun?

* * * *
The indisputable comprehension that all creation is of the same oneness
Is a view relatively few seem ready to fathom at this point in time.
Whether that will change in time to come, only time will tell.

* * * *
The cancer of human consciousness
Is about to undergo a most profound surgery.

* * * *
The only true revolution
Is born of one mind.

* * * *
The theories of Malthus and Darwin,
Have been only temporarily postponed
Through humankind's energetic ingenuity,
And an insatiable narcissism for more.

* * * *
You will never be all of it.
You will never not be all of it.

* * * *
Every life form each has a fate, a destiny, a karma, a kismet, a calling,
The rhyme and reason of which can in reality only be determined
In the eternal hollow, the unfathomable recess within.

* * * *
The pleasure of word-association
Is akin to water tirelessly bubbling
From a spring that cannot run dry.

* * * *
Fun, fun, fun, is that all you concern your Self with?

* * * *
The point and purpose
Is to inoculate all
With the seed of doubt.
It is the key to the awakening.

* * * *
Arrogance in its most divine vision.

* * * *
Who can really help anyone, or change anything?
The patterning weaves all in a reckoning
Of its own spontaneous design.

* * * *
No pattern is sacred to the unmitigated mystery.

* * * *
Any concept of god is by its very nature linear,
And that which is totality is most assuredly
Not confined by any in-the-box thinking.

* * * *
No moral code is eternally sacred.
All laws and principals are cultural creations
Molded of a limited persuasion.

* * * *
To examine the human condition objectively,
To understand its potential, yet see clearly its self-absorbed limitations,
Requires that the witness set aside the personal nature
And investigate anything and everything
With as little attachment
As the given mind can ascertain.

* * * *
Of critics, to reference their expertise,
One should always feel free, even obligated to query,
“What book, poem, movie, play, song, painting, sculpture, ad infinitum,
Has s/he ever created for popular consumption?

* * * *
What an absurd obsession
Human beings across the world
Have with labeling everything they divine.

* * * *
A ripple
In any time’s passing
Would crash upon some distant shore
Just the same.

* * * *
Is a crime only contemplated still a crime?
If it is, a seriously extended karma
No doubt awaits us all.

* * * *
Let us not confuse consumerocracy with democracy.

* * * *
Consume, consume, consume.
The senses titillate the mind born of time.
Surely, there must be more to existence than acquisition
Of this and that over and over again.

* * * *
Though you may walk through the valley of delusion,
You shall fear no evil, no insanity, no karma, no illusion.

* * * *
Are you able to ignore,
Or at least mindfully resist
Any temptation under the sun?

* * * *
You are the awareness,
Not the attributes of the body
In which consciousness manifests,
Or the many thoughts it endlessly devises.

* * * *
On the whole, Jesus, at only 33, got out of it
With a lot less suffering than those of us
Who endure a much longer existence.

* * * *
Just another hellish maze
Fabricated by consciousness.

* * * *
So many human beings are so frightened by the emptiness
That they spend their lives accumulating everything imaginable.
Yet, no matter how much they amass, it will never fill the void.

* * * *
If it's true,
Does it really matter
Whether or not it is well-written?

* * * *
All forms are deceiving teachers of the timeless way.

* * * *
You will discern heaven
In the eternal essence
Of the quantum reality.

* * * *
The sensory dream daily convinces you that you are alive,
But truly you are the eternal unborn imagining itself real.

* * * *
Those who have said, "Follow me,"
If true seers, do not mean it in a personal sense.
Be vigilant of the predators who use you to their own sordid ends.
The only way to follow is by exploring your own abyss.

* * * *
There are no middlemen,
There are no tollbooths
In the sovereign quest
Into the eternal nature.

* * * *
The obvious is seldom obvious to all.

* * * *
You are in this manifest body to play you,
Not Jesus or Adolph, not Siddhartha or Genghis,
Not John or Jane or any imagined other.
Use what you have been given
To unlock your unmanifest potential.

* * * *
Discern the timeless flowing of "ness"
In words like godness, isness, awareness, nowness,
Stillness, beingness, happiness, sadness, formlessness, absoluteness,
And the many other concepts in which language plays its magic.

* * * *
The way to heaven
Is smaller than the eye of a needle,
And more boundless than even the most inscrutable mind
Can more than momentarily fathom.

* * * *
So what if you can
Walk on water,
Raise the dead,
Heal the masses,
Draw fish to your nets,
Call upon hordes of angels,
Change water to wine,
Resurrect yourself,
Or ad infinitum whatever.
What a vain show we make of ourselves.
Our absurdity must surely be the laughingstock of the universe.

* * * *
What a burden it is to be born.
The inanities of the body, material possessions,
The human melodrama, all the physical and psychological suffering . . .
And all you remember reading in the contract god had you sign
Was about all the pleasure, power, fame and fortune.
What was written in that small print, anyway?

* * * *
Witnessing all the horror stories
That human beings inflict upon one another
Can be more than a little challenging.

* * * *
Who can judge another's soul
Once he has discerned
It is truly his own.

* * * *
Seem like pretty much everyone believes they are the good guy,
The one that's got the right stuff, and god on their side.
Everyone's got one path to glory or another.
The problem is that it's usually
At the expense
Of more than a few other life forms.

* * * *
The mortal mind as we imagine it
Is time's evolution of the desire for continuity.
It is not easy to use it to annihilate itself
Into the eternal, immortal reality.

* * * *
All that is written herein may be wrong.
Duality may well be the ultimate truth of it all.
And maybe you will someday become a Christian,
Or a Muslim, or a Jew, or a Buddhist, or a Taoist, or . . .
Gosh, so many flavors . . . hard to pick just one.

* * * *
Ha, ha, good joke, Mr. Michael
You make me laugh plenty much.

* * * *
Who was that masked man?

* * * *
How enraptured we are with this hellish world
We have all aided and abetted in creating.

* * * *
A quantum paradigm
Few seem destined to attain
In any given epoch.

* * * *
Another story . . . ho-hum.

* * * *
Desire is a seething broth of individual design.

* * * *
What goals are necessary
If you have managed
To be truly content?

* * * *
No seed is immortal
But at its source.

* * * *
From beginning's end,
You have ever been
Sovereign issue.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved