20 September 2009

Chapter 249 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


The unending inevitability of time,
Of clocks and calendars incessantly ticking away,
Can be more than a little maddening.

* * * *
Despite arrogant assertions of caste regarding angels and demons,
All have equally important roles in the grand manifest theater.
No one can be excluded from dream’s final curtain call.

* * * *
There is no other,
Merely innumerable venues
From which to witness the eternal theater.

* * * *
No need to concoct a god, Mr. Einstein.
Any given moment is enough to verify the truth
That no limitation can ever reign supreme.

* * * *
It must be true.
Everything else is just too absurd.

* * * *
It may well be boredom
Rather than money,
That is the root of all evil.

* * * *
The mundane is just as magical
As any so-called mystical event.

* * * *
Some say it is this way, others that.
I say it is all ways, and no way.
All creations of the mind are relative,
Fabricated, arbitrary and quixotic make-believe.

* * * *
Inevitability cannot be more than toyed with.

* * * *
The human species is tacking a course
Set long before consciousness
Bubbled into being.

* * * *
More gimmicks, more toys,
More blah-blah distractions
From the awareness of now.

* * * *
Regarding truth,
There is nothing more
Any other can really give you
That is not already yours.

* * * *
To argue with a meme anchored in ignorance,
Is an argument you are bound to lose.

* * * *
Here we all are buying
More of the same, over and over.
Seeking happiness in the isles of consumption.

* * * *
Declare peace within.

* * * *
What can you possibly be
But that reality which words
Can never truly ascertain.

* * * *
Sometimes you are so self-absorbed as to see nothing else.
And other times so expansive as to contain anything and everything.
How mysterious the mind that wanders the serendipitous dream.

* * * *
All science can ever really do
Is observe that which is observable,
And measure that which is measurable.
The rest of the story ever remains unknown.

* * * *
The only sense
That can discern beyond its radius
Is the non-sense.

* * * *
The mystery can never be known,
Only experienced in the living.

* * * *
Infinity is beyond the grasp of imagination.

* * * *
When all is said and done,
Word and number games have a strong tendency
To mean diddly-squat.

* * * *
We are all just carbon monkeys
Dreaming one meme or another.

* * * *
Nothing lasts forever.

* * * *
Like rubber bands and balloons,
The world can only stretch so far.

* * * *
In any given Ponzi sceme,
Those who come later
Are fated to lose.

* * * *
All human personalities
Are imaginary adaptive responses
To time and circumstance.

* * * *
The interweaving nature-nurture of any given seed
Is an infinite venue for the amusement
Of the grand witness.

* * * *
Everything has its limits.

* * * *
These writings are not intended
To found a new philosophy or religion.
Consider it instead yet another futile attempt
To awaken and re-align the vain human paradigm
With a greater awareness of that which is real and true.

* * * *
The young know no different,
And so carry on in whatever way
Their time and circumstance allows.

* * * *
As challenging as it may be to fathom,
No one is entitled to anything
But what fate allows.

* * * *
How can any translation ever be completely accurate?
There are far too many differences in any given mind
To ever completely fathom another’s perspective.

* * * *
The foundation of previous eras is ever born out
By the innocence of youth’s fresh beginnings.

* * * *
Yes, Wendy, there is a Pan in every man.

* * * *
Suffering is the bridge to wisdom.

* * * *
The honest truth is I don’t have a clue
What the heck is really going on here
Nor, in all frankness, do I really care.

* * * *
We are all traces of the many faces in our lives.

* * * *
What horror this day?

* * * *
The mad rush of civilization is a careening freight train
Racing toward the cataclysm of a bridgeless crevasse.

* * * *
A man should never
Ask permission from any woman
To be a man.
Nor should a woman
Allow herself be defined by the same.

* * * *
We must all figure out our minds,
Else we shall lose them.

* * * *
No other can connect the dots for you.

* * * *
Those rare few who slip through the net of conditioning,
And evade the many dangling hooks in pursuit,
Are free to explore the infinite expanse
Of that beyond all reckoning.

* * * *
Ignorance compounded daily.

* * * *
The grand holograph is absolutely indifferent
To that which it each and every moment
Creates, preserves and destroys.

* * * *
Only illusion suffers.

* * * *
The infinite mind,
An unknown space
In which to be, or not.

* * * *
No castle or sword is necessary
To maintain this sovereign realm.

* * * *
Why do so many always try to improve
That which is has ever been perfection.

* * * *
From the sap-filled elasticity of youth
To the rigid, dry husk of old age,
You will ever be the same eternal fountain.
You are beyond the innumerable cycles of birth and death.
You are the unborn residing within and without,
Bound only by imagination’s tethers
To the myriad masks of form.
You are truly the infinite tranquility
In which chaos plays out the highest order.

* * * *
The seeking eye of inner vision
Opens further and further
Until there is nothing
That is not one
With that which seeks.

* * * *
The few so easily lead the many
To the slaughterhouses of ignorance.

* * * *
Payment for today’s many excesses
Will, with interest, be collected
In one morrow or another.

* * * *
It is never hard to see
For those willing to look.

* * * *
So many believe that because
They do not know someone,
Or are not in some way related,
That it is permissible to savage them
In whatever way they, or their group, wills.

* * * *
How pathetically we manifest our potential.

* * * *
To be your Self rather than yourself,
To be completely, drunkenly immersed in oneness,
Even the vaguest notion of any other
Dissolves into oblivion.

* * * *
Self-preservation is not the issue.

* * * *
The well-being of all creatures great and small
Is the point of departure from this dysfunctional paradigm
To which humankind is merely, through separative imagination, bound.

* * * *
With the deepest sincerity,
And from unmitigated humility,
I Am is not anything you believe it is.

* * * *
It is the clarity of pure awareness,
As crystal and clear as the mountain stream
Before the fall of humankind from the garden of its origin.

* * * *
Just more words, these,
Unless they aid in invoking and sustaining
A paradigm shift in consciousness
That is in action and deed.
Mere lip-sync
Is no longer enough.

* * * *
Hold on,
Broken bridge ahead.
And what comes after will be the legacy
Of the human journey.

* * * *
Are we a species truly more than instinctual beasts?
Or is our consciousness merely a fluke
Only destined to oblivion?

* * * *
The noisy caldron deafens you
To the ignorance born of illusion,
Of this world, or any other.

* * * *
Trust god?
Isn’t that the dude
Who put us in this fine mess?

* * * *
How much responsibility
Are you willing, or even able to take
For the hells others choose in isolation to create?

* * * *
I may not be in your awareness,
But you are all in mine.

* * * *
Good fishermen are hard to find,
But then, again, do we really need or want
To build more inane foolishness
Upon a rock?

* * * *
The self-interest of the biological unit
Makes it more than a little challenging to detach,
To pull back and grasp the largest view.

* * * *
Immortals hearken to no false idols.

* * * *
Do not equate comfort with truth.

* * * *
All manifestation is temporary,
An ever-changing three-dimensional dream.
Everything you perceive and hold dear, including yourself,
Will melt away, and be reshaped into new forms
As the winds of time and space allow.

* * * *
The Titanic is already full-ahead
Smack dab in the middle of the ice flow.
Prepare as best ye may for a most icy reception.

* * * *
Unbridled revenge leaves only a trail of bitter desolation
From which scarred new opportunities inevitably arise.

* * * *
Children everywhere are very much the same.
Curious how they tend to grow up so different.

* * * *
Is nature cruel, or merely creatively indifferent?

* * * *
It can be challenging to discern harmony
In concrete, asphalt, glass and artificial light,
But rest assured, even chaotic mind-made worlds
Are the same clayness as any forest stream.

* * * *
The joy of nature is in its predictable spontaneity.

* * * *
A day well-given is its own reward.

* * * *
Beware the middlemen.
It is far too easy for selfish ends
To take root and insidiously decay the spirit.
Neither follower nor leader be.

* * * *
If you are inclined to participate in a group dynamic,
Then do it with sincere and equal friendship the goal.

* * * *
The earth is a garden, and it will abide
For as long as there is a star to radiate its waters.
The laws of nature are simple and potent,
And all creatures must abide them,
Or face calamity and death.

* * * *
The rules are written clearly
In natural settings across the planet.
Those who listen closely know the many songs,
And will be the heralds after the fall.

* * * *
When the dust has cleared,
A new accounting will begin.

* * * *
A pile of gold, or a livable planet, which will it be?
Either we become guardians of this world,
Or it will destroy us, plain and simple.

* * * *
Ignore this simple reality,
And you will likely end your existence
Immersed in delusion.

* * * *
The great mystery
Warrants a lifetime of surrender,
Does it not?

* * * *
Words from an earnest blend of mind and heart.

* * * *
Strange irony that only human life
Seems to have sanctity,
Is it not?

* * * *
Alas, there are no degrees
Or certificates for this calling.
Either you discern it, or you don’t.
Ultimate reality offers no middle ground.
There is an intelligence that sees,
And the rest is ignorance.
Sorry to be so blunt,
But that is the truth of it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved