28 August 2013

Chapter 40 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


As helpless or hopeless
As you might personally feel,
You are still that which is godness.

* * * *
Try to accept whatever life offers,
And give back whatever you please.

* * * *
The arrogance of the judge
Is a far greater weight upon mind and body
Than that which is judged.

* * * *
Humility is without burden.
The braggart falls victim to his own wind.

* * * *
Even pennies from heaven
Are merely coins of the realm.

* * * *
A mind in non-linear mode
Has no need for senseless violence.

* * * *
Public education runs only a slight risk
That individuals will somehow learn
To truly think for themselves.

* * * *
Did gravity or any other natural law
Exist before you were born?

* * * *
Any vow is a product of time, only as good
As the maker's attachment to its continuity.

* * * *
A real teacher does not cash in on what is seen beyond the veil.

* * * *
This concern over what happens after physical death,
Die now consciously to time and find out.
It will not matter then.

* * * *
You are not afraid of death.
You are afraid of time.
Death is the unknown,
And you can only fear the ending
Of what you think you know.

* * * *
As long as we believe god outside ourselves,
We are doomed to reap the hell we spawn.

* * * *
In each and every moment
You are both the beginning and the ending,
The creation and the destruction.

* * * *
Each is responsible for the universe they create.
There is no one else to credit for your inner vision.
No one perceives anything the same as anyone else.
Each creates a different reflection they think of as reality.
Any given group or culture may agree to use certain words,
But the concepts they communicate have connotations
Shaped by dynamic patterns too numerous
To do more than barely fathom.

* * * *
By its very existence,
No personality is perfect.
All are merely temporal reactions
To perceived circumstances.

* * * *
Gossip assumes so much,
But is really the product of shallow reflection.

* * * *
The repetition of someone else's words is just that.
Trust the intuitive direct perception of your own source.

* * * *
You may at some point pierce the veil,
But the day to day is very much the same
In a way words can never describe.

* * * *
If you honor the one,
The many will be included.

* * * *
Most project thoughts and speculations
Upon the many prophets, seers and saints
They might not have begun to entertain
If they had known them personally.

* * * *
Take the burden of the world you carry in thought
And throw it to the four corners of earth, wind, water and fire.
As you discern your true nature, their magnitude is no longer a concern.

* * * *
Coming to grips with consciousness
Is something few do well.

* * * *
Those who seek to be free
May often face either persecution or reverence.
Odd that such a natural state should be considered extraordinary.

* * * *
A free individual will not burden another.

* * * *
How many leaders truly care about those who follow
Except in the expedition of their own desire.

* * * *
Share the good news
With those who can hear it.
There is no need to proselytize.
Truth is not a matter for persuasion.

* * * *
The devils are compensated by their own hell,
But are so immersed in passion they cannot see it.
Godness well knows the journey of fallen angels
But the latter see only reflections they project.

* * * *
The flame of wisdom burns away the dross of time.

* * * *
The strength of the soul can never be matched by the body.
The mortal container is merely a temporary vehicle
Which will fall off when the show is done.

* * * *
If you tie your happiness to the fate of another,
You will suffer incalculable burdens.

* * * *
Any holograph is always a reflection of the one.

* * * *
There is no need to follow anyone.
Mutual respect is enough.

* * * *
Each of us participates in ways we feel called to.
Why is anybody's guess, but no one's answer.

* * * *
I am is without cause.
Causes are the affairs of those concerned
With the plays of heaven and hell.

* * * *
Have you not been scammed enough
By all the politicians, priests, bureaucrats,
Market manipulators, educators and the like?
How many lessons will it take to wake up?

* * * *
The body and mind and universe are one unit.
Only the clinging to labels separate them.

* * * *
The perfect mirror is a complete and utter fool,
And fools do what fools will.

* * * *
If someone wants to take their own life,
Who are you to argue they ought to endure
This vain, petty, senseless drama any further?
They may not deserve the prison they are in.

* * * *
For some it seems like a heart thing.
For others it is a mind thing.
It is really neither.

* * * *
Your universe is all you, the summation
Of your many thoughts and perceptions.
What it truly is no one can ever know.

* * * *
You are not bound by the dictates of heaven and hell
As they are formed by the wills of men, not god.

* * * *
Others will often be quite honest with others about you.
Few have the courage to face any but through idle gossip.
It need not be your business what anyone else thinks of you.

* * * *
A brain with plenty of air contributes to a happier mind.

* * * *
The worlds a speck of dust
Swirling amid a temporal dust storm.

* * * *
Look back at scenes of your memories
See clearly now what you were witness to then.

* * * *
The smugness of elitism, in whatever form it takes,
Is an artful ignorance played by many.

* * * *
Those who seek historical immortality are paper ghosts.
Their glories rival only the empty space between the lines.

* * * *
What an enticing reverie the mind offers.
It is the creator and destroyer.
It is the delusion.

* * * *
Emphasis on whether you are female or male
Loses weight once you discern
You are really neither.

* * * *
Imagine the world with you as a persona
No longer present.

* * * *
How fascinating our vanity over frail, mortal bodies
Given to each through chance permutations of the genetic lottery.
Chemical bags laden with ancient instinctive responses,
Ideas about which most of us are quite attached.

* * * *
How amazing that we pay others to save our souls,
That we are deluded into believing anyone else can.
The leaders of all religions impoverish their own souls
Using the gullibility of the innocent to their own ends.

* * * *
There is no one to follow for it is within the journey goes.
Why put it off playing another's games?

* * * *
Surrender can be hazardous duty,
For it is the death of the imagined you.

* * * *
Few do not weep deeply when
Mortality becomes apparent.
That sorrow is only reconciled
If you truly discern the immortality
Of the oneness you truly are eternally.

* * * *
The more improbably fantastic the story,
The more likely the undiscerning masses
Will fall all over themselves to pay into it.

* * * *
Systemized education
Is akin to any training ever devised
Wherein teachers are generally
The most able former students.

* * * *
What can anyone else be that you are not as well?

* * * *
If its seed is to survive its present inertia,
Humanity will need to shift into a paradigm
Far more conscious than it currently manifests.

* * * *
Do what you do because it is your nature to do it.
Attempts to play out another's ideals and principles
Only muddies the clarity of one's own lawful insight.

* * * *
It is simple, but not so simple
That you can just tag yourself with a label
And think it somehow means anything.

* * * *
Water is really as solid as metal
And metal as fluid as water.

* * * *
As long as you seek approval of the the skittish herd,
Your fear-ridden mind will hold you in check
And freedom will only be an ideal.

* * * *
When mortals become myths,
Humanity does itself great injustice
In its envious coveting imitations.

* * * *
Philosophy will not free you.
You must become very still
For that state of beingness.

* * * *
If you really want to comprehend
The nuances of any given subject,
Try teaching it.

* * * *
All manifest patterning is what it appears to be by temporary design only.
Insects are not insects, trees are not trees, rocks are not rocks,
And human beings are not what they seem either.

* * * *
Why would anyone wish for a peaceful world, anyway?
Loving your neighbor, keeping your brother, sharing good fortune,
Treating others as you would have them treat you, creating heaven on earth,
Would be far too unpleasurable, a senseless existence
Which only angels long to play.

* * * *
If you live as though you have
An infinite number of lives,
You waste this one's potential.

* * * *
Gossip is such a wretched, cowardly thing
We all do to one another.

* * * *
Here you are at the bottom of an ocean of air.
Amazing that you survive in all this light
Thinks the life in the cold darkness of space.

* * * *
There is a vast difference
Between a conscious life of servitude
And one of mindless enslavement.

* * * *
You need not organize that
Which is already in total order.

* * * *
It is all food to one thing or another.

* * * *
We could put the fruit back anytime.

* * * *
You cling to that which only causes suffering,
Earnestly maintaining that without it life would not be worth living.
You poison yourself and the world, pretending all the while to be in perfect health.
What foolish webs we do ceaselessly spin again and again.

* * * *
Imagine the sounds of hungry flames lapping,
Or shoveled dirt splashing, echoing against the casket
With you screaming, slowly smothering inside.
How many wretched deaths there are
In this incredible dreamworld.
What is the point,
If any?

* * * *
One cannot feed those who are not hungry,
Nor stop those who are.

* * * *
If you only think you want to be free,
Do not waste your time.

* * * *
In any conflict with serious or deadly intent
Do everything you can to let your opponent
Have a chance to learn the error of his way.

* * * *
Romes come, Romes go,
But within the ruins of once mighty foundations
There are no more than shadows of glories
Vain minds once thought of telling.
Only dust blows eternally.

* * * *
The avaricious, ambitious fist that grasps all it can
Aches for reasons it will likely never comprehend.

* * * *
Rip up the path on which you think you travel.

* * * *
Do not battle the patterning.
Understand it.

* * * *
Some do not require more
Than they already have,
But so many who have so much
Never know even a moment of real contentment.

* * * *
You are really the gold, the sovereign proof
That all that is, is eternally sacred.

* * * *
Dwell where you will,
You are without beginning,
Nor will you ever know a conclusion.

* * * *
When death someday takes the body,
Who will be left to recognize it
As anything known?

* * * *
No vibration is truly superior to another.
It is all uniquely of the same clayness.

* * * *
A wall is a rolling wave of a great ocean
And the ocean the stillness of a still wall.

* * * *
Ignorance has a way
Of dragging everything down
To its level of mediocrity.

* * * *
The creatures of the sea must know a serenity
Only the quiet depths of the ocean can provide.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved