28 August 2013

Chapter 59 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Existence can be very enjoyable
Until mortal nature sinks its teeth in deeply,
And you realize the bargain consciousness has made
With the pain of illness, injury, aging and dying.
What to do then is the telling of the tale
Of every journey’s dreaming.

* * * *
Sit down, stand up, lay down,
Walk around, all the same
From beginning to end
Dreamtime’s spontaneous spin.

* * * *
Something and nothing,
Both attributes playing out illusion.

* * * *
Oneness is not without the other
To witness its illusory reflection.

* * * *
Purpose and meaning?
When you find one that lasts forever,
Let us know.

* * * *
When you get caught up too much
In someone else’s dream,
You miss the wonder of your own.

* * * *
If you give into the fear you stop looking,
And only sink more deeply into the mire.

* * * *
Death is merely the ending of consciousness,
The final surrender to that which has been all along,
That which the mind can never touch, only reflect.

* * * *
You are where you are,
So that must be where you are supposed to be,
As if you have any real choice.

* * * *
To conquer the world, conquer the limited mind.

* * * *
A child has a world as does an adult.
Both are full of make-believe.

* * * *
The no-mind is a concept explaining
A mind beyond all concepts.

* * * *
Absoluteness is like being set adrift
Without any point of reference.

* * * *
The purpose you seek
Is the reconciliation of self.

* * * *
What is common sense
But a sense of what is common,
That which is beneficial to all.

* * * *
What you want most in this world
Is often the source of your greatest agony.

* * * *
All manifestations are holographs
Grounded in the same essence.

* * * *
Attachment is like a pleasurable feather
So easily transformed into the claws of suffering,
Both struggling in the duality born of vain consciousness.
This passionate teeter-tottering of pain and pleasure
Is that most called living desecrated by time.

* * * *
Read these and other words
However many times you choose,
Few will ever glean their true subtlety.

* * * *
That which you envision is founded
Entirely upon the mix of knowledge and understanding
You have gleaned to this point in time.

* * * *
The child nature is with neither smile nor frown.

* * * *
Forgive yourself for not  being as perfect
As many others delude themselves
Into vainly pretending they are.

* * * *
Within every holograph
Is the reflection of that which is one.

* * * *
You may make one change or another,
But was it a choice or was it choiceless?
Perhaps it seems a very different direction,
Or is the psyche deceiving itself once again?

* * * *
Good lord, try not to believe everything you read.

* * * *
The kingdom of godness is not of conscious design.

* * * *
You cannot explain what you cannot see.

* * * *
To most, life is more real than reality.
It is all they can distinguish and few will
Ever even begin to fathom its veiled nature.
Those who do see clearly must somehow
Find a way to abide in time and space
Despite the fact they know it is not.

* * * *
These words are for the rare
Who do not feel the need to believe,
Who seek the unity beyond all manifest form,
And will not be bound by the constraints of the mind.

* * * *
Pretty darned fascinating
How many masks and costumes
Fit on a human skeleton.

* * * *
The seer explores all worlds
Without even taking a step.

* * * *
All knowledge is man-made,
But that which is the sovereignty
Is prior to all time-bound manifestation,
Untainted by action or deed or circumstance.

* * * *
Go to the deep end of the puddle.
Let out your air and descend
Into the bliss of oblivion.

* * * *
What is life but that which is unborn
Concocting a veil of birth and death
That it might eternally deceive its Self.

* * * *
God and the devil are concepts
Dualistic notions creating imaginary lines,
Irreconcilable fissures within the storm of the mind.

* * * *
Organized religion is the placebo of the masses
Caught in the coarse net of their vain ignorance.
It is for those satisfied with meaningless answers,
Deceptive speculations, half-truths and outright lies,
Those easily mislead by their own undiscerning whimsy.

* * * *
It does not take much intelligence
To see the human species is not as evolved
As so many fancy themselves to be.

* * * *
Here you are.
What more need there be?

* * * *
The tears of longing’s
Many passionate inspirations
Are the play of time’s brackish nature,
The pain inherent in any dream
Inspired by its illusion.

* * * *
Cut the knot of passion
And the you that yous
Ends without beginning.

* * * *
The dream of consciousness weaves into a reality
Through that which is the never-born witness
To the vast charade of time and space.
Through illusion it pretends birth and death
And the spontaneous collusion into which it is cast.

* * * *
The fact that it is you believing
It is you doing any of this is the quandary.
Consciousness is a vast weaving over which you have
Less say than you will likely ever discern.

* * * *
To abide in time, you must act in one form or another.
To abide eternally, you must die to all veils,
No matter how enticing the dance.

* * * *
What to do with this once you see it?
What can you do with that which has no value
But play out the dream as you freely will.

* * * *
What price have you not paid
For wandering through extremes?

* * * *
Only limited minds need speculate god.

* * * *
The unity has never been splintered.
Only you mind has created such a deception.

* * * *
Your true nature is like teflon non-stick coating.

* * * *
Beginnings end and endings begin,
The dusty eternity never long
In any either-or.

* * * *
Cast out the demons, cast out even the angels.
You are not bound by the concepts of evil and good
In this passion play of manifest consciousness.

* * * *
Adventures come and go.
To some you say yes, to others no.
But who is it who yeahs and who is it who nays?
Consciousness plays its many minds like strings upon a lyre
And the sounds weave through space across time
Within the mind of godness, ever one.

* * * *
The manifest universe is neither
What you know nor what you forget.
It is the mystery of all things conceptual,
Yet ever untouched by any creation ever spun.

* * * *
In the company of strangers, you are alone.
In the company of friends, you are alone.
In the company of naught but yourself,
You are alone, eternally sovereign.

* * * *
You keep looking for that something more
That can never be more than imagined.

* * * *
The universe is just one big recycling bin.

* * * *
We work so hard to remember so much
Only to forget it all in the end.

* * * *
Time comes, time goes.
Standing still every while.

* * * *
A day unremembered
Is a day clearly lived.

* * * *
Does the world draw you into it,
Or do you into it?

* * * *
You are not the flesh or the persona,
Nor any other thought composed
Of the minds of human origin.

* * * *
You are your own imagined enemy,
Companion, acquaintance, friend and lover.

* * * *
Maya gives and maya takes away,
And you get caught in the web of attachment.

* * * *
Become the merry Buddha, laughing at your cosmic joke.

* * * *
Time exists only because of the vague traces of perception
Locked in the chemical-electrical nature of the manifest dreamer,
The caretaker of illusion, the floor upon which maya dances,
The passionate web adorned by all but those rare few
Who discern the total freedom beyond all veils.

* * * *
For all your effort, for all your joy and suffering,
They just slap you in the ground or toss you in the flames,
And you are unable to hear whether they are laughing or weeping
For the imagined soul upon which they in illusion reflect.

* * * *
Many scriptures write of homelessness
When participation in worldly dreamtime
At some point becomes truly pointless.
It is quality of mind free of concern,
Not the lack of a physical setting.

* * * *
Never assume you know anything.

* * * *
With you total surrender
Heaven becomes manifest fact.

* * * *
All dreams end as they began.

* * * *
You came, you see,
But will you liberate you Self from all illusion?

* * * *
God is much more than a concept possessed by the mind.

* * * *
Knowing you are that which is all is the only gold,
The redemption of the manifest dreaming.
The others idolize only the false gold
And suffer the agony of mortality.
Only in the oneness of no other
Is there a true sanctity of that
Which is immortally eternal.

* * * *
Are there any in this vain escapade
Who have not fantasized a sense of inner glory?
All equally bleach in the sands of eternity

* * * *
You cannot discern eternal life
With a mind caught in the endless
Measurement of concepts born in time.

* * * *
The no-mind glides along timelessly aware.

* * * *
Observe you etched consciousness
As you would a recording played
Over and over and over again.

* * * *
To discern the eternal nature
Is to be reborn into wonder.

* * * *
The human drams is a fraud
Played out consciously upon itself.

* * * *
End you life a child of godness.
What other end has any meaning?

* * * *
Look to no other for eternal salvation.
It is for you and you alone to discern.

* * * *
Funny how you can say something over and over
And it cannot be heard by those lacking the ear for it.
And even if they do hear, it is still all projection.

* * * *
The end of time is the no-mind prior to concept,
The eternal passing know only in Eden
Prior to the advent of humanity.

* * * *
Your greatest wealth is the discernment of your true Self.
All worldly plays of imagination pale in comparison.

* * * *
The faceless bogeyman takes on
Many imagined masks and costumes,
But it is ever the same divisive irrational nature
Playing out the havoc of passion’s irreconcilable nature.

* * * *
Prove all this?  How?  Why?

* * * * *
The mind caught in the known
Is like a matrix bound by linear rulings.
But prior to the illusory veil is the absoluteness
Inherent in all dreamtime manifestation.
Seek that reality and you shall find
The tranquility of absolution.

* * * *
When you die to time,
You die to birth and death.

* * * *
The you, you truly are, is not the you,
You identify yourself to be.

* * * *
Struggling to gain happiness and avoid sorrow,
Discern that both weave the web of suffering.

* * * *
You are not the grid of consciousness,
But the space throughout.

* * * *
Ever notice how god has a way of clearing out a room?

* * * *
On a roll, baby, on a roll.

* * * *
Your given universe is your teacher.
Any given face, any given form, any given anything
Can be a means to discerning that
Which you truly are.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved