28 August 2013

Chapter 41 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Humanity’s competitive nature
Has created the world as we know it,
But will inevitably lead our life form to extinction
If we do not voluntarily mute our many instinctual passions
And learn to individually respect the indivisible sovereignty of each part.

* * * *
Discern that you are your own physician.
The desire to truly heal the divisions of this temporal world
Requires a realignment with your ultimate nature.
Ideals about a better world are useless
And only put off its happening.

* * * *
Compare yourself with another if you choose,
But there is in reality no comparison.

* * * *
Throw each breathe and thought away.

* * * *
What have you allied yourself with
But a bundle of muddled concepts and images?
Idolatry wears and infinity of forms.

* * * *
What a complex bind we are in
Wanting all the comfort we can imagine,
And yet be directly faced with certain destruction
If we continue in such a complex separative approach.
Do we have the intelligence to liberate ourselves,
Or must mother natured beat us senseless?

* * * *
In our time’s industrialized mindset,
The cyclic rhythms of planets, moons and stars
Are usurped in every way by machines and computers.
More and more we merely imitate life and function mechanically,
Little different than habitual automats and robots, mass produced androids
Unthinking cogs in a world where concepts replace nature
In almost every direction one might look.

* * * *
If you would have the human experience be other than it is,
You must first discern within why it is the way it is.

* * * *
Ideals and the hope that they will come about
Only put them off for times which will never come
Because the here-now is all that will ever be.

* * * *
Sexuality relies great deal on imagination

* * * *
To have unreal expectations for oneself or the world
Is to be disappointed again and again.

* * * *
What a tiny piece of conscious space you occupy,
Yet in the same sentence it can also be said
That you are all of it as well.

The mind is shattered by its array of thoughts
Until the whole is seen behind the screen of chatter.

* * * *
The hell and heaven written of in the many scriptures
Are merely the qualities of consciousness
Of the time-bound and the timeless.
They are concepts which have been misunderstood
Over and over again throughout time’s eternal passing.
Ignorance finds countless ways to practice shortsightedness.

* * * *
What a tiny portion of conscious space you occupy,
Yet in the same sentence it can also be said
That you are all of it as well.

* * * *
The unspoken assumption made
Whenever you call another insane or strange,
Is that you are not.

* * * *
Capacity does not necessarily translate into interest.

* * * *
Once you put someone on a pedestal,
There is little for them to do but fall off.

* * * *
Like a moth to flame,
Your dance with continuity,
That mix of desire and fear which enthralls you,
Is a hypnotizing flight with a mortal end.

* * * *
When life is viewed personally,
There is little recourse to the inevitable suffering.
When seen from the impersonal it is merely temporal dreaming,
One of an infinite play of view crossing eternity.

* * * *
No explanation really explains anything.

* * * *
The key is unconditional surrender to the unfolding moment,
The realization that you as an individual have done none of this,
That it is all spontaneously happening
And you are part of the oneness playing.

* * * *
Like it or not, you have a fate.
Resist or surrender,
The outcome is the same.

* * * *
Death in the conscious sense
Frees you from this illusory spell,
The irony being that you have called it living.

* * * *
Is it a matter of an individual soul
Or an indivisible soul?

* * * *
All you knowledge blinds you to Eden.

* * * *
The best way to leave a crime
Is with an anonymous saunter.

* * * *
What makes you different than smoke
Is that you think you are.

* * * *
How deftly we torture ourselves
With civilized programming.

* * * *
If you truly wish to know what dying is,
Do it now.

* * * *
To discern the big picture and become the big picture
Are two very different states of consciousness.

* * * *
Maya is able to entice your imagination
With so many pleasures in this game of time and space.
What is challenging to fully comprehend is that you have created them all.

* * * *
How could awareness ever be seen
Without the movement of consciousness?

* * * *
Can you ever get outside you subjective personal view?
Does impersonal objectivity even exist?
Needs your research.

* * * *
Only in now is it real.
Catch it if you can.

* * * *
Call it he, call it she.
Is it either or neither?

* * * *
Discern the whole that has no trails.

* * * *
Be able to examine all and desire none,
That is freedom.

* * * *
Herbs, shrooms, buttons, poppies, and other tools
Are the garden’s teachers best used in moderation
By those few who yearn to reunify within and without.

* * * *
How strange those who
So readily declare belief and faith
Are those who often do not.

* * * *
To take this dreamworld seriously
Correlates to taking yourself seriously.

* * * *
The five senses draw you out,
The third eye in.

* * * *
Some do not realize
Until after careful observation later,
Why they were born.

* * * *
Once you discover the unborn,
It does not matter how many lives
You may have had or may yet have.
They are ever the same ultimate reality.

* * * *
Erase yourself to find the true security,
The true immaculate womb in which all truly abide.

* * * *
What is there to want from this illusory world
But  a healthy body, a full stomach, a safe warm bed,
Trustworthy friends and lovers, a supportive community,
A sovereign life journey which takes you to godness,
And a peaceful quick exit when your time is done.

* * * *
Laws, dogmas, codes and principles
Miss the enjoyment of aimless integrated intuition.

* * * *
Knowing you are one with it all
Does not always make mortality easier to bear
When the tangling remnants of attachment trip the inattentive.

* * * *
It is not easy to disbelieve pain.
Detachment is like breathing for some,
But takes a great deal of practice for most.

* * * *
Your sense of continuity
Is really a trick played by the mind
Which fears the oblivion of personal nature.

* * * *
How close and yet so far infinity truly is.

* * * *
What can history say
But that our vanity and greed
Got the better of us?

* * * *
Such a subtle difference
Between knowing and being.

* * * *
Belief systems come and go,
But you can never systemize it
No matter what the mind may conjure.

* * * *
Few are rich in that I am.

* * * *
What you are, I know not.
What I am, I know as little.
But I think we must really all be the same.

* * * *
Because of your free will conscious capacity
You assumed guardianship of this garden world,
A task for which you have proven again and again
Remarkable unsuited.

* * * *
All your explanations have never explained what you are.
Concepts trap you in a weaving which offers nothing but delusion.
It is your beingness that is both the question and the answer.

* * * *
The confusion of your genetic ancestry
Resides in every point and particle of your being.

* * * *
You will never have all the answers
So relax and set awhile.

* * * *
You hold onto what you must
Until you see you need it no longer.

* * * *
Martyrdom proves nothing
But more of the same vain reasoning.

* * * *
Reconciling heaven on earth for all is not an easy task.
It may even be impossible for creatures such as we.

* * * *
The union within is a marriage to unity.
It is an unspoken vow to godness
Which brings forth the fruit
Born of eden.

* * * *
Morality in the dogmatic sense
Is merely any given group’s way
Of fashioning your innocence
To its own vain continuity.

* * * *
All must see they are on the one mind
For consciousness to be reborn in Eden.

* * * *
You think you seek freedom,
Yet your thoughts are ever a burden
Because desire for continuity is ever tempted
By the many illusions you find pleasurable and painful.
The weaver of the dream, you, is a very crafty
Spider, fox, coyote, snake, trickster.

* * * *
The desire for more takes you away
From what you already are.

* * * *
There is the truth in the truth,
The truth in the false,
The false in the false,
And, finally the false in the truth.
All wrapped up in a divine comedy-drama
Played resolutely in consciousness.

* * * *
Live and learn,
Forget again and again.

* * * *
Real intelligence cannot be tested or rated.
If humanity were truly intelligent in the highest way,
We would not be operating as we are.

* * * *
Only the blind argue
Over the different parts of an elephant.

* * * *
If you sit quietly, attentive to your worst enemy,
You will both find you have everything in common.

* * * *
In reality you have never left your mother’s womb.

* * * *
No one can truly tell another
What they are not prepared to hear.

* * * *
The good news is that you are that which is eternal,
That which is beyond all mortal material claims.

* * * *
It all unfolds where the wheel hits the road,
And the wheel keeps on rolling in timeless wonder.

* * * *
You are raised to believe the propaganda
Of one mythological tradition or another
As if any have any real or lasting relevance
To what the world is at any given moment in time.

* * * *
The world is made up of those who feel the need to control,
Those who comply and those who chaff at the crude bit.

* * * *
Each of us creates a fate.
Some are recognized and given a slot
Upon one timeline or another.
Yet where and when
Does the timeline truly continue?

* * * *
Knowledge poses many avenues home,
Yet can never take you there.

* * * *
In a finite temporal mortal vehicle,
You are give the opportunity to witness
An unfathomable timeless mystery.
It is a journey all may venture,
But few ever comprehend
To the fullest potential.

* * * *
How easily we are caught by promises
Of saviors, prophets, aliens or magical beings.

* * * *
Eternity is now ever unfolding fluidly
From one vaporous now to the next,
Yet only within the context of the mind
Influenced so easily by the five senses.

* * * *
Organized religions, countless cults,
And every other groupthink imaginable
All capitalize on the fear of the unknown
Innate in all who are born into this garden
That all are for some reason unworthy
Without some other to protect them.
It is a scam which time has played out
Since the fearful, superstitious mind took root.

* * * *
You are happy with your body
When it is healthy and functions well,
But when you notice it falling off,
What then will the moods tell?

* * * *
The countless voices of family,
Friends, acquaintances, enemies,
And other societal mirrors of dreamtime
Gradually recede into the stillness
Of your own inner knowing
As you awaken into godness.

* * * *
There may seem to be
Countless versions of the way,
But they are all equally dreams.
For there is truly only one way,
And it truly has nothing to do
With the me, myself and I.

* * * *
Ironic, indeed, that so much suffering
Is caused by the Sisyphean quest for security
That is not in any way, shape or form
Possible in this mortal theater.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved