28 August 2013

Chapter 42 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


We have allowed civilization to weaken us in so many ways.
Wiser ancestors would surely shake their heads at our inanities.

* * * *
These writings require no priesthood,
Nor need there ever be any organization
To idolize or deify a scribe long since gone.
You are the soul minister to the church within.

* * * *
Any conqueror with an eye in time
Knows the gardens must be carefully tilled
If the conquest is to bear fruit in cycles yet to come.
They are foolish hunters who take everything
And leave no seed for future harvest.

* * * *
Each day take time to awaken, time to eat,
Time to maintain the body, time to work,
Time to sit, time to study, time to sleep,
To share one with all, and to nurture Eden,
As all are humbly capable of, if they so choose.

* * * *
The mind born of separation
Endlessly imposes its limited visions
Upon that order which requires no sanction,
A futile effort unrivaled by any arrogance imaginable.

* * * *
It is obvious is it not?
Now what to do with the insight
Is the calling you seek.

* * * *
The ego is the prison.

* * * *
The garden is without time.
You must, however, throw away
Your past and future to see it.

* * * *
The instinctual within deprives you of your potential
To manifest reality as a true human being.
You are too easily distracted
By desire and fear.

* * * *
History is full of prophets,
But what good is prophecy
If only a rare few can ever hear
What is truly being said?

* * * *
An untamed heart is a madman’s source of being,
Undisciplined, unharnessed, free beyond the constraints
Of humanity’s incessant, often more than a little pathetic dramas.

* * * *
The creatures of the wild
Exhibit noble spirit and union
Merely by their humble surrender
To that which they are naturally.
They have no psychological need
For undo rancor or imaginary fuss.
They do not lament or rue their fate,
Nor seek vain reasons and purposes.
They are what they are, pure and simple.

* * * *
Others may want or not want you,
But do you want your Self?

* * * *
The world is the sum
Of the manifest visions
Of the life witnessing it.

* * * *
How soft the untrammeled pathless forests and valleys
Unburdened by the heavy footed weight
Of those who place such burdens
That Eden temporarily loses her breath.

* * * *
Understand that the seers
No longer consider themselves
The identity-personalities molded
By ignorance of their true state.

* * * *
Life is much less difficult for many
When young, fresh and health is a given.
Age and experience stiffen and wither the body,
And minds that are able wax philosophical
As the effervescence for time fades.

* * * *
Over and over the same thing said,
How can you ever be reborn
When you were never even dead?

* * * *
Anger often comes from idealism gone sour.

* * * *
Given a limited number of choices,
The results are generally predictable.

* * * *
If you are one with god
Then there is no excluding the devil.

* * * *
If your confidence has been knocked out of you,
Imagine what it is like until you win it back.

* * * *
You can be sad and despair
Over the hellish state of things,
Or you can be a merry fool
And with a “c’est la vie” shrug,
Dance the dance to a happy doom.
Let the angel of death mutter and curse
That you no longer dread life’s mortal end.
Has it not been said that death bodes no fools?

* * * *
Positive attitude is so often just another way many have
Of declaring that having one’s smiling head tucked in the sand,
Or running blindly toward the ledge, is what everyone should be doing.

* * * *
You are only a fool for as long
As you cannot laugh at you own folly.

* * * *
From the eyes of the age there is nothing herein
For this world as humanity has deigned to make it.
Free will is a temporary choice born of ignorance.

* * * *
You may be important to you,
But to the “I am” it is all just another light show.

* * * *
We foist our ignorance upon each other.

* * * *
It is all a dream caught between the blinking eye.

* * * *
Take up residence in the frontal lobe
Where the distinguishing inner eye resides.
Other portions of the brain deal with time and space
And the countless thoughts regarding little self.
The latest evolutionary addition is where
You will see your Self clearly.

* * * *
Laugh more.
Find the humor in all this.

* * * *
Does anyone else really say or think anything
But what you hear or believe?

* * * *
We all create and destroy each other
In our imagined worlds.

* * * *
Forests are born of a handful of seeds.

* * * *
There are so many causes
To distract us from the real problem.

* * * *
The beast in you longs for wildness, and the soul for heaven.
Reconciliation of the two is the journey of true human beings.

* * * *
Living your life for the others, whatever the form taken,
Is an impingement on the sovereignty of indivisibility.

* * * *
Their is nothing redeeming about the synergy
Of our contrary divorce from Eden eternal way.

* * * *
Want only what the dream offers
In that which flows uninhibited.

* * * *
What obligations we fabricate and enforce
To such meaningless ends.

* * * *
What a stubborn nut the ego,
That which is little self, is to crack.

* * * *
Surrender the thought
That it is you individually
Making any of this happen.

* * * *
Every wave is very unique,
Yet very much the same.

* * * *
Those who would make this world into paradise
Are plagued by those who insist on shaping it into hell.

* * * *
Curiosity does not just kill cats.

* * * *
Our rapture with the world’s many storylines
Creates unending attachment and disaffection

* * * *
All your forgetful inattentive world-bound moments
Can be seen as great opportunities to remember.

* * * *
Wisdom is being able to see the larger picture relatively clearly,
That is, without all the muddiness of personal interest in the matter.

* * * *
To discover what you are,
You must discern all that you are not.

* * * *
No thought contains you.

* * * *
The glory of consciousness is unsustainable chatter,
Like waves upon the shore with no other present to hear.

* * * *
The manipulators will use the word “love”
To who can guess how many self-absorbed ends,
Trying to convince you it has many levels of meaning.

* * * *
When you deserve it,
It will come to you.

* * * *
The same amness pervades all forms
Born of the limitations of time and space.

* * * *
How long can we pillage the village?

* * * *
You are reborn ever now you remember your original state.
The eternal life is a recollection of the original timeless stillness.

* * * *
Only your body tires, sickens, suffers injuries and ages.
When have you not been the same you, you are right now?
Knowledge and wisdom accumulate in the illusory play of time,
But that awareness, that “I am”, has not changed even for a moment.

* * * *
You are an improbable outcome,
As unique as any form has ever been.

* * * *
Those wanting to become god
Take the inevitable vain fall of Lucifer.
Only in humility can any consciously manifest
The godness every part and particle has ever been.

* * * *
Whatever you may say of your imagined self
Is often nullified by evidence to the contrary.

* * * *
The antichrists are only capable of creating division.
The christs speak and act out of an inner sense of union.
They are the peacemakers wherever the journey takes them.

* * * *
To be one with god, one in god,
Understand the prepositional aspects.

* * * *
Existentialist, nihilist, pantheist,
Believer, agnostic, atheist?
What labels are these?
The I am is within all,
Yet actually none.

* * * *
Remember that there is nothing to remember.

* * * *
At the movies you are drawn into a scripted plot.
Your own is a spontaneous creation according to the part
You have been impressed by fate to become.

* * * *
Within your world you are king
Of the heaven of godness within,
Or fallen angel to a most personal hell.

* * * *
Sodom eventually collapses
Of its individualized, disordered nature,
The separation from the true purity of the unmanifest.
No wall in hell stands eternally.

* * * *
Spread the good news as you are witness to it.
There is no other than you in the most absolute sense.

* * * *
The obviousness of it eludes all but those blessed
By an unquenchable quest to discern the original state,
The unknowable freedom beyond all earthbound descriptions.

* * * *
You are held down by the imaginary force
Of fear, greed, anger, of any passion.
Discern they are not really you.

* * * *
How much must pass
Before the entire universe awakens
Depends entirely on you.

* * * *
The scribe was merely you
Here in yet another form.

* * * *
Once you begin the return journey,
There is no more than glancing back.
There is no place like home, Toto.

* * * *
Do not let these or any other words
Convince you of anything less than oneness.

* * * *
Your gender, color, size, shape and societal set
Are merely the outcome of an interacting environment,
The relationship of the cyclical movements of a radiating sun,
And the spin, angle and chemistry of this tiny sphere.
You are a random fruit of the garden’s diversity,
As is every other dreamy manifestation,
Special only in the most conscious sense
That all have the potential to intuitively discern,
That which there is ultimately no other to envision.

* * * *
This garden world is just cosmic dust pressed together.
You are an outcome of that magical, mysterious fact.
Creation and destruction are the play of godness,
And nothing is immune to the reality of change.

* * * *
What we currently call the universe
Is a boggling spinning roulette wheel
And you wound up playing you
By a magical concoction
Of a stew beyond description.

* * * *
So many of us learn the way mules do.

* * * *
Would any betting man give even low odds
To humanity’s chances of surviving itself?

* * * *
How will you ever resume sovereign authorship
If you accept the scripts of the many others?

* * * *
Maya broke you first with fairy tales,
Which quickly turned to the idolization
Of spiritual, political and other heroic epics
And you so unwittingly followed and imitated
At the expense of your own creative potential.

* * * *
It is your greed, fear, envy and anger
Which feed the darker side of consciousness.
You are simply nothing without their imagined reality.

* * * *
Playing the devil was fun
Until it began to get painful
More often than it was worth.

* * * *
Look in that mirror you gaze into so often
And observe yourself watching the reflection.
See that you are the proof of what is written herein.

* * * *
Thoughts such as these often snowball in time,
To what end is unknown by those who speak or write them.

* * * *
Have you not seen enough mind controllers everywhere you look
To comprehend that organized religions are merely another means?

* * * *
Interesting how attached you are
To the movement of your thoughts.

* * * *
Your quest for acceptance ends
When you fully embrace your Self.

* * * *
Where is the center
You so adamantly
Believe yourself to be?

* * * *
Cut to the quick.
Only the vain stop for manicures.

* * * *
Each day a new opportunity
To discern and delve into the mystery,
To witness the unfolding genesis as it plays out
In your brief, holographic swirl of time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved