28 August 2013

Chapter 45 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Awareness, not really even dust in the wind.

* * * *
The things we make time for,
Who can make sense of it?

* * * *
Every action or inaction
Impulsive or contemplated,
Evokes its own price.

* * * *
Question your very existence.

* * * *
You are your ideal.

* * * *
You are prior to all reflections.

* * * *
Sometimes a major dump
Is the best thing you can do for everyone.
The ceramic throne is a great corner for meditation.

* * * *
Specialization has become the bane of human existence.

* * * *
Few caught in time will ever comprehend
That you are inwardly less and less the body.
Just a voice playing out consciousness,
But without the same conviction
You once upon a time had.

* * * *
Putting things off into another time
Only means you must face another now,
Perhaps with the same resistance.

* * * *
Death is a fact of life.
Your denial only generates
Confusion, despair and insecurity.

* * * *
You try so hard to appease
Your conceptual projection of god
When it is really your Self you must discern
To gain the serenity you covet.

* * * *
A teacher is a student for life
And matches the student’s capacity
By having explored everything possible.

* * * *
So far away, yet so close.
As near as the next breath.

* * * *
The conceptual knot
We bind ourselves with
Cannot be untied.
It must be cut.

* * * *
How we would laugh if animals played
The vain intellectual games we do.

* * * *
To become the king of heaven,
You must discern you are its creator.
You merge heaven with Eden.

* * * *
Call yourself anything you please,
Your actions and deeds tell the true tale.

* * * *
Why should anyone hate another
Simply because some traditional collusion
Says to?

* * * *
All the life forms of Eden are the result of genetic lineage.
All operate within the capacities of their framework.
All humans are no exception; all are equally
The same mystery of the same origin.

* * * *
Terrorism is the approach of those without a voice, relatively powerless,
Attempting to regain a sense of control they have been deprived.
Violence is the only means they discern to gain attention,
However important or valid their vision may be.
The hell they both suffer and pass on is a futile legacy.
Their isolating way does nothing to end the need for real revolution.

* * * *
Trying so hard to belong
When you know you do not,
What a journey so many must travel
Simply because the willful play of consciousness
Craves the experiencing of this spontaneous dreamy mystery.

* * * *
Though we all know the movie must end,
The weaving of the plot we do partake
Until the busy screen again becomes silent.

* * * *
You are only as real as the next breath.

* * * *
Until you comprehend the isolation anger creates,
The passionate fires you reside in are the coals upon which
You deny any chance of merger into absoluteness.

* * * *
Which way does time travel?
To the right or to a left?
An up or down?
Just forward or back?
Perhaps round and round?
Can it be seen, touched or even heard?
Is it the gateway to bliss, or a kitchen born of hell?
Or both or neither this mystery deceiver.

* * * *
How painful it can be to watch this hellish play.
Alas, must detachment be so necessary to survive the suffering?

* * * *
The masks and costumes change again and again,
But the timeless prior to all has changed not one iota.
Humanity continues to plague itself and all other life forms
With the same time-bound hellish, greedy, self-absorbed show.

* * * *
There is the aspect which aches
For every bit of suffering
Life has ever known,
And another coolly detached
Envisioning every way as the way home.

* * * *
It is not the harpoon, gun or bomb
Which pose the problem to life’s continuity,
But the intemperate mind with which they are used.

* * * *
The way is lit for those
Who have the eye to see.

* * * *
You will find it all written before time
On the inside of your face.

* * * *
Pay your taxes in Caesar’s coin,
Not your soul.

* * * *
Too many people wanting to play chief
When the Indians own the real show.

* * * *
How little courage it takes
To follow the will of the heard.

* * * *
The narrowness of anger
Is like a corridor in hell.

* * * *
Your egocentric self-absorption
Is like a waxed slide into a hell
Of your own creative design.

* * * *
Do you realize that heaven, hell and the garden
Are analogies referring to consciousness,
Not actual geographical locations?

* * * *
Through your own suffering
You can well know the world’s.

* * * *
Your longing for perfection is the glue
Which unifies your soul into absoluteness.

* * * *
How is it we assume all intelligent life
Will operate as foolishly as we do?

* * * *
Have you experienced enough to know
What mortal or immortal fare will ever contain?

* * * *
Wrest your soul from what any other thinks.

* * * *
Watch the rock until it moves,
The banner until it stills.

* * * *
Nostalgia is a well-baited trap.

* * * *
Peck at the cosmic seed within as you are able.

* * * *
Realization is not a personality issue.
There is no prescription.

* * * *
The concept is conceived,
But never is what it longs to be.

* * * *
If you vainly seek the one-pointedness,
It is another temporal act of ego.
If it draws you, it is surrender.

* * * *
Where in any scripture does it say to kowtow
To the foolishness of those too blind to see?

* * * *
If all you want in your spiritual quest
Is to be entertained and deceived,
The world will show you a good time.

* * * *
Though you may spend your life helping others,
Do it only because it is there to be done.
Do it without expectation of reward in heaven.
You are already there.

* * * *
Every day is a good day to die.
None can evade it and all must muster
Whatever courage they have to take the pain
And face the unknown from which all known sprang.

* * * *
How many live their lives
Inspired by the fear of “What if...?”

* * * *
When you discover heaven’s source within
It is like a mountain spring bubbling without end,
And there is nothing to do but share the wealth.

* * * *
Imagine a world in which these words
Would never even need to be uttered.

* * * *
The limits of your religion
Are defined by your mind.

* * * *
You are alone,
And there is not a thing you can do
To change that eternal fact.

* * * *
Bare your soul to the infinite reality
It has ever been and will ever be.

* * * *
There is no meditation
Equal to a clearing visit
To a porcelain throne
Or a squat near a tree.

* * * *
Conceptualization is by its nature divisive.
Awareness knows no boundaries.

* * * *
What makes you believe
Godness values you any more
Than any other life form?

* * * *
Your quest for sovereignty
Allows the same for others.

* * * *
Confusion is an outcome of inattention
To what is really happening.
It is the blur of desire
Fogging up the inner vision.

* * * *
Hold hands until you realize none truly exist.

* * * *
Every life form someday walks the gallows
And faces the hangman’s brutish rope.
You may as well find the humor in it.

* * * *
The walk Jesus made to the cross
Is really no different than anyone’s life.
All life forms suffer, and any who look around
And see the experiences of others is the same as their own
Also take upon their shoulders the sins of the world,
Letting them wash away in the rain of god.
The cleaning woman in a ghetto
Or a hobo wrapped in rags
Can earn christhood.

* * * *
When the manifest is seen for its temporal nature,
Psychological investment in the dreamtime ends.

* * * *
Try not to burden yourself
With what you think god wants.
It will come to you intuitively.

* * * *
Each manifests the indivisible in an individual way.
For another to call one right and another wrong
Is to misunderstand the symphony of all.

* * * *
Real meditation is an aloof moment-to-moment
Timeless awareness of consciousness
As it plays itself out in daily living
Wherever you are, whatever you are doing.
It is a constant awareness of reality observing illusion
Of the detached witness responding to circumstances as they arise,
Of the ultimate nature reflecting in manifest union.

* * * *
You are not some far-off future fate,
But the now this moment in time creates.

* * * *
The pliant willow bends gracefully to the wind
While the rock wall crumbles into the sea.

* * * *
So many so-called spiritual seekers
Play out  the quest as a competition with others.
They expend their time and energy judging  and undermining
Rather than discerning that isness is equally within all,
That there is really nothing measurable to score.
Each can only clear one’s own vision.
What may be in another’s eye
Is for them to see.

* * * *
The subscription to any mindset is an outcome
Of the deep instinct evident in any school, pack or herd
Where stepping away from the group risks individual survival.
Only the rare find the courage to explore and discern that never born.

* * * *
In the heat of battle the warrior exists only in the present.
To convert that fearless mindset into daily living
Is the challenge of true human beings
Questing union in godness.

* * * *
Subtleties within subtleties within subtleties
About something so subtle it has no subtlety at all.

* * * *
Look closely with great attention
To discern what you truly are,
And what you truly are not.

* * * *
Dogmatic quibbling over spiritual nature
Shows the narrowness of vision
To which most subscribe.

* * * *
When you gaze at yourself in the mirror,
Is what you see really the you, you are?

* * * *
Your savage will is the evolutionary strain
Which lays the groundwork for your divine potential.

* * * *
Your cultural mindset defines you
Until you stop accepting definitions.

* * * *
It is your desire that blinds you.

* * * *
What a trickster the mind is.
Is there not anything imagination
Will hesitate to concoct to avoid reality?

* * * *
The universe spins on timelessly,
As unconcerned about your presence
As an elephant is about a gnat.

* * * *
Smoke is as real as you are.

* * * *
The realization of your true nature
Is a quality of mind, of awareness,
Well beyond any earthly rewards.

* * * *
If you really want to be nothing,
Do nothing until nothing comes.

* * * *
Things so innocently said in ancient times
So often cause such great turbulence in later times
Between those who did not hear what was actually spoken.

* * * *
Do not get fixated on analogies and parables.

* * * *
Reality leaves you clayless.

* * * *
Nothing is happening right now.

* * * *
Contentment is not something to put off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved