28 August 2013

Chapter 55 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Your entire existence – people, places, events –
Are all created in your mind, in your imagination, by you,
And it will be you who must, often through the greatest of efforts,
Let them go.

* * * *
What makes so many people unhappy
Is thinking it is an outcome of time
With all its inherent business.
When you are truly joyful it just happens
And there is no need to attach continuity to it.

* * * *
Total freedom is too easy, too simple.
It is wanting nothing from anyone or anything.
Most only want to be a little more free,
And then only some of the time,
Usually when the prison
Is less enticing.

* * * *
Intelligent people do not sustain themselves
On the passions of conflict and division,
And therefore work to minimize ignorance.

* * * *
You long for peace and freedom,
Yet cannot even muster it within yourself
Or your small circle because of your desire for more.

* * * *
Why this deep psychological urge, this desire
To be recognized by others, to band together into groups,
To interact socially, to adapt to various mindsets?
How powerful the genetic imperative.

* * * *
The random chaotic interaction of the elemental nature
Has created this spontaneous manifesting dream without any plot or plan,
Any beginning or ending, any rhyme or reason, any birth or death
But that which consciousness chooses in time to sustain.

* * * *
What about this existence
Will there be to be remembered
That you have not already forgotten
Times beyond counting?

* * * *
True belief is far more than words can tell.

* * * *
The slate is godness.
What is written on it is consciousness.
Which you think you are is left up to your discretion.

* * * *
Can you be free if you subscribe to the will of the herd?

* * * *
Take a big breath into your mind.

* * * *
Be your Self.
Love godness.

* * * *
Truth is nebulous.

* * * *
The ignorant never realize
What great teachers they are
For the truest students.

* * * *
Hit ignorance square on the head
With a shovel gilded in wisdom,
And it will not even make a dent.

* * * *
Where do you begin and the universe end?

* * * *
At every turn, such incredible stupidity.

* * * *
Those who know their birth project their death.
Those who remember nothing never die.

* * * *
We fabricate an ocean of information
Spend our lives sorting and manipulating it,
Sometimes drowning in its overwhelming tides.

* * * *
To some a collusion might be applauded
As a team effort, to others a conspiracy.
From such views many histories are written.

* * * *
Once you discern the whole,
Parts are seen within its context
And not as ends in themselves.

* * * *
Surrender slakes the thirst.

* * * *
Even the devil serves god.

* * * *
Beneath every pessimist or cynic
Is a disillusioned idealist.

* * * *
When consideration toward the other ends,
What is to come quickly becomes evident.

* * * *
The insanity of humanity cannot continue long.
The danger of saying or writing anything is
That many will probably not understand
And will only create more of a muddle
For themselves and everyone else.
But could the muddle we are in
Really get that much worse?
The answer is more than obvious.

* * * *
The real you already has eternal life.
You always have, you always will.
The personality, however, is not the real you,
And you can plan on that confusing bag of identifications
Being indifferently tossed on the discard heap
Titled, “Much Ado About Nothing.”

* * * *
How the dreamers do choose to suffer.

* * * *
Were we ever genetically really meant
To operate in more than simple roving bands?

* * * *
View it all as a screen of dust.

* * * *
Marry god in your heart
And it will unfold eternally.

* * * *
Bring the body to alignment with your soul.
It is the ship which takes you to sea.

* * * *
So many rationalizations
The life forms of Eden die for us

* * * *
Those who see the larger picture
Rant and rave in air and on paper,
But have no power to change a thing
But through the selfless volition of all.
Detachment is the greatest lesson.

* * * *
Do you really think there is anything more hellish
Than watching humanity’s unceasing squalor?
The many scatter you with their passionate wind.
Merge into godness and you will know only oneness.
How to best serve the many is to serve that one within all.

* * * *
History’s patterns have forever repeated themselves
Because human consciousness is as it has been
Since long before the written word was first cast in stone,
And the probability that it will ever shift radically is very unlikely.

* * * *
If you are not going to be whole within your Self,
How can you expect to be fulfilled in any other union?

* * * *
No one has force you to want anything from life.

* * * *
Living in awareness is a life of perfection.

* * * *
All self-importance is imagined.

* * * *
What do a stream and a roadway
Of flowing vehicles have in common?
Everything and nothing.

* * * *
Why do so many want others
To share their fundamental insecurity?

* * * *
Too many vain paths to glory
Create destruction and mayhem.
Pride will be, is,  the downfall of humanity.

* * * *
When the question, “Who am I?” has no answer,
You will be you.

* * * *
What price has not been paid by one excess or another?

* * * *
Free will does not exude the potential option
To destroy anything or everything,
Including ourselves.

* * * *
Great journeys are taken one step at a time.

* * * *
Reject anything which exacts a toll upon your soul.

* * * *
Humanity has thus far been myopic in thought and action.
Its survival hinges upon its reasserting a greater vision.

* * * *
What are the male and female aspects, essentially,
But seed injectors and receptacles, the play of DNA
Mutating into every shape and form imaginable,
The amness underlying each and every one.

* * * *
You forget other names quickly and often,
But what of your own?

* * * *
The attentiveness required is absolute.

* * * *
Be greedy for nothing.

* * * *
The earth is akin to a piece of lint
Spinning in the grand silence of space
In this sojourner’s dreamtime vision.

* * * *
When passion is unharnessed,
The seeds of destruction quickly bloom.

* * * *
Look around at anything you please,
And you will probably find it to be
As much as it will likely ever be.

* * * *
There will likely always be those
Who control others to their own ends.

* * * *
Another blank page,
Another scribbled soliloquy,
A madman’s vision smaller than dust
From beyond the stars.

* * * *
What is any of this but the vital breath of birth and death,
An illusory dreaming of creation and destruction,
Entirely done as quickly as it happens.

* * * *
Human beings.
At first you idolize them,
Then you often despise them,
Then you mostly feel sorry for them,
And just wish all their unnecessary suffering
And that of all the other creatures, could somehow end.

* * * *
Not everyone is enthralled with life.
Not everyone wants to be here
Witnessing all the pain and suffering.
Not everyone buys into the obvious mess
Humanity has made of its time upon this world

* * * *
Why worry whether something will last
When nothing ever has or ever will?

* * * *
Everybody believing in a bad idea
Does not make it a good idea.

* * * *
The point of all these soliloquies
Is too rip away your masked costume
And show you what you truly are.

* * * *
The conscious foray into Self is an eternal journey
Seemingly different for all, yet ever the same One.

* * * *
Eden will be Eden for as long as the sun does what suns do,
But humanity’s brief time, no matter how long, will have been so little
When all sense of time and space, born of the one mind’s dreaming, truly ends.

* * * *
You may certainly use any symbol you please
To remind you of your eternal reality,
But to those who truly see,
A grain of dust is reminder enough.

* * * *
Does it really matter that every soul
Someday wake up to their godness?
It does not at all to this sojourning scribe,
But if it does in some greater plan of godness,
We are obviously in for a very lengthy play
In this dreamtime of conscious design.

* * * *
Sages allow time to do the work for them.

* * * *
To trust god, you must trust your Self.

* * * *
Once you see this unity,
What more is there to do
But share your reflection
In whatever way suits you.

* * * *
How can anyone ever be free
If they do not even see the prison?

* * * *
Money will buy you anything,
But it is useless in the vision quest.

* * * *
What in this world can truly matter?

* * * *
The world touches the senses,
But what do they touch but imagination?

* * * *
You may search all your life for purpose and meaning,
But it will always be whatever you think it is
At any given moment in time.
No more, no less.

* * * *
The devil, maya, lucifer, satan
Will take on every form from siren to savage,
Whatever will entice you from the tightrope of awareness.

* * * *
There are many veils which catch your eye time after time.
Few discern that none are real, that most are like flies on flypaper,
Sticking to any of many illusions until even the grandest falls into clarity.

* * * *
And let it be said that they even came to worship
The names of the many they destroyed.

* * * *
Desire is the springboard of passion,
The swells of the ocean’s surface
Churning so ferociously,
Yet completely calm
Below its surface.
Breathe fully.
Dive deeply.

* * * *
The limits are set
And humanity is tripping
All over them.

* * * *
If buddhahood is not already passe,
It could, should be, soon.

* * * *
Every possible distinction
You might make in reality
Is an imaginary fabrication,
Real in the most illusionary sense.

* * * *
These words sculpture concepts in time,
Seeking to explain their origin and their fate.

* * * *
The roots of our savage nature are aligned
With the survivors of the natural selection.
We are not present because our ancestors
Were benign and simple-minded, but because
They were extremely aggressive and acutely aware.
We are the result of an intense desire to survive
And somehow overcome the natural world.
So much so, that we still unwittingly seek
To exterminate any uprisings of nature,
No matter the price in our own survival.

* * * *
Some see it via deductive reasoning, from general to specific,
Others from inductive reasoning, specific to general.
It is all to the same endless beginninglessness.

* * * *
Understand that being born again into the eternal life
Is not a matter of mind-held systematic belief.
It is the quality of the timeless mind
Beyond all manifest limits.

* * * *
It is the space where all sense of manifestation ends,
The still pool from whence all origins dream,
Where all sense of “I am” begins.

* * * *
What sort of statement do we make
When saying we are civilized?

* * * *
The process of time and space
Is required to become conscious
Of the reality prior to time and space.

* * * *
Free will makes your destiny a voluntary fate.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved