28 August 2013

Chapter 53 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Enlightenment is discovering that consciousness
Has never been as important as it imagines itself to be.
Liberation is riding the indivisible wave free of the crying game.

* * * *
You cannot prove that you are that I am,
Nor can you ever prove that you are not.
All assertions are the moot adsorptions
Of limiting time-bound consciousness.

* * * *
The thoughts of the ancient seers
Have been lost on all but a relative few.

* * * *
God will be as profound or petty
As your momentary conceptual vision.

* * * *
Forget your mask and self-imagery.
Serve every function anonymously.

* * * *
You are not accountable to maya
But for your own collusion.

* * * *
Get your own life and you will need not worry
About the many others you both judge and envy.

* * * *
Without consciousness there could be no discernment
Of the “I am” within all parts and particles of the oneness.

* * * *
To participate with any other, whether individual or group,
You must believe that the dynamics are important.
You must give the collusion weight within,
You must toss freedom into the pot.

* * * *
From the unknown the known is imagined in manifest dreamtime,
Through intuitive reflection the known extrapolates a mysterious origin,
But the unknowable awareness remains eternally unimaginable.

* * * *
Learn to ignore time and space.

* * * *
The experience of free will has been an epic sojourn.
What has been truly learned, only godness knows.

* * * *
If you are so weary of the mind in time,
Then be done with its limited nature.
You are not obligated to continue
But through your own volition.

* * * *
What is it about the limited mind
That it so insistently wants to believe
It is important in this temporal exercise?

* * * *
What is it about the individual mind that it believes
Its vain, self-absorbed temporal subscriptions
Are really important to the ultimate nature?

* * * *
Chances are most humans
Spend their lives repeating
What someone else has said.
Just empty variations of the same
Theme played out time and time again.

* * * *
Why so many allow so few to rule their destiny
Is an ever-confounding human reality,
A cyclic dance of desire and fear
Played out in every corner
Of this earthly garden.

* * * *
It is your suffering which goads you into inquiring deeply.

* * * *
Democracy seems more an excuse
For unbridled consumption
Than political reality.

* * * *
Within you is a reflection of the unknown
In which you may freely swim for all eternity.

* * * *
You know only what the light reflects.
Without its playful creation you know nothing.

* * * *
Look prior to heart, mind and soul
For the answerless answer to all queries.

* * * *
To dwell at the eternal point within
Is the ending of conscious suffering.
It is the return to the innocence
Which the wise call home.

* * * *
Enemies and friends alike are imagined,
But which would anyone rather have?

* * * *
Do what you will, leaving no trace.

* * * *
Real wealth is accumulated naturally.
That gained of worldly enterprise
Has no eternal sanction.

* * * *
When humanity banded together
To gather more than Eden freely offered,
The age of virtue began to crumble
Into the endless confusion
We now witness.

* * * *
All you believe you see, touch, smell, taste and hear
Are the illusory tricks of maya to entice you away
From innocence into the original separation.
The fruit of knowledge is set before you,
And the rest is history.

* * * *
The linear mind born of limitation generates boredom,
Boredom being the habitual craving for movement.
When that craving is realized for its timeless nature,
Boredom awakens into the endless bliss of eternal life.

* * * *
Like snowflakes, every manifestation
Is a unique one-time flowering dream.
No two visions will ever be exactly alike.
To see that truth makes be and allow
The most sovereign freeing law.
It is the abolishment of all sense of caste.

* * * *
I am,
Therefore I think
I think I am.

* * * *
Here we all are
Fighting over the same answer.

* * * *
What can be found in the mind
That sees no more?

* * * *
With the end of imagination
Comes the clarity of the one Self.

* * * *
We are all mad,
But in so many different ways.

* * * *
Be wary of those who point their finger at everyone else.

* * * *
The dust blows into so many forms,
But ever remains the holy ghost
Of the eternally absolute.

* * * *
An educational system that foments class division
Eventually falls victim to its structured creation.

* * * *
The implication of surrender takes one beyond
The me, myself and I delusion of personal identity
Into the mysterious oblivion of the sovereign absolute.

* * * *
The world will categorize you
Into one label or another
If you allow it.

* * * *
Personality is the flawed reflection of godness,
The temporal imperfection of one’s original nature.

* * * *
Curious how we attach to so much
Which brings so much suffering.

* * * *
It is the separation of personal self
Which blind you to heaven’s gate in eden.

* * * *
That you believe you are anything but self
Is the endless entrapment of delusion.

* * * *
Enlightened means to see the light within.

* * * *
From oblivion all creation flowers
And you are witness to one
Of an infinity of dreams.

* * * *
Who but a madman would dare write such musings?

* * * *
When the flesh falls off,
What will you make love to then?

* * * *
It is your imagination that deceives you.

* * * *
A tree may seem to dwarf a blade of grass,
A mountain a grain of sand, an ocean a drop of water,
But in the relative sense they are very much
The immeasurable equity.

* * * *
You can believe you exist
And you can collude with others
Who also pretend to have been born,
But neither you nor anyone else
Can ever prove it true without
Unfounded assumption.

* * * *
All the world’s problems are solved
With a simple breath of their creator.

* * * *
Few have the courage to step beyond
What they have been told.

* * * *
Desire is the hunger of the instinctual mind,
Of the remnants of the animal nature
From which humanity originates.
Whether or not you can be free of its grip
Is a personal inquiry into the mystery of creation
Which none but you can unravel.

* * * *
What is the universe but a huge theater
With countless sets through which consciousness plays
In whatever manner it will.

* * * *
Does any other creature born of Eden
Give any thought to whether it is happy or sad?
Or any other imagined emotion born of consciousness?

* * * *
Attempts to gain security in whatever ways your dream concocts,
There is none immune e to the winds of the changing nature.

* * * *
As human beings formed into civilized groups,
They lost the sense of nature and its balancing cycles.
Continued “progress” has blinded the majority to such a degree
That only great disaster will bring it back to its roots.

* * * *
Maya will find every opening to further immerse and bind you
In the time-bound web of illusion you choose to weave.
It is your own imagination which deceives you.

* * * *
It was doubt and forgetfulness
That scribed this as insight flowered
Into wonder and wakefulness.

* * * *
Quantity buys do not make for a quality life.

* * * *
Power without a sense of guardianship
Brings only misery and destruction.

* * * *
Are you mad or insane?
The difference is in the believing.

* * * *
It is not that difficult being alone.
You always have been despite
The countless attempts to run away
Through every distraction imaginable.
You play the part but you are the whole.

* * * *
Page after page is filled with thoughts,
Yet the underlying message is ever again the same:
You are one, and only the senses lead you into believing otherwise.
What is remarkable is how so many are so easily deluded
By maya’s infinite bag of lulling temptations.

* * * *
Why do we choose to suffer in so many ways?
Because most believe the sensory world to be real,
And try so hard to abide in the continuity the narrow mind.

* * * *
So much vain concern about what happened to you as a child or later on.
Let it all go.  It no longer exists.  It is all like waves crashed long ago.
The body mends or adapts to its injuries, why not the mind?
Give any excuse you please, that is all any truly are,
Plays of imagination founded upon the assumption of time.

* * * *
Sing the song of god within and without.
It is the good news to which all have birthright
If given the insight, courage, autonomy and stamina
To discern the eternal origin of all creation.

* * * *
How responsible are you, really,
For what this world spontaneously creates?
How responsible do you want to be?

* * * *
Travel without a wake, anonymous,
Untraceable, clear, reborn each moment.

* * * *
Eternal salvation is to see things as they are
Without the timebound screen of imagination.

* * * *
There is always a price to be paid
For decisions born of limited thinking.
For each and every action there is a complete
And equally irreversible outcome.

* * * *
Imagination creates both pain and pleasure
And all the resulting plays of duality.
To expand beyond its sticky deceptive web
Is the task of those who would journey into immortality.

* * * *
You are the creator of all order within the maze born of chaos.
The world is afire and the solutions of separation
Only spray fuel on the flames.
Humanity seems destined to write
A sorrowful, pathetic concluding chapter
To its brief time upon the stage of consciousness.
The synergistic myopia casts its confusion into every future.

* * * *
Turn away, without abandoning,
Any who do not welcome inquiry into wisdom.

* * * *
How can you ever seek sobriety again
Once you have drunk the madness of godness?

* * * *
Beauty is not always an advantage,
Nor is ugliness not one.

* * * *
Is it even possible for all to be free
And allowing at the same time?
Unlikely at this rate.

* * * *
The separations of our fathers
Are upon us all.

* * * *
The controllers hog-tie you
One foot at a time.

* * * *
The world, life, does not need
To be played like a chess game.

* * * *
The scribe has inhaled and ingested enough
To see what is herein written is as true as any vision
He can possibly imagine in the wildest dreams known to time.
You are whatever he has imagined, and he is whatever you imagine.
Why torture and kill one another for such an extraordinary misunderstanding?

* * * *
When that last breath comes,
Will you be your maker?

* * * *
We are all brothers and sisters,
No matter the skin.

* * * *
In godness we are all one

* * * *
You need not travel far to see it all.

* * * *
The wonder of it can often bring it to a standstill.

* * * *
What do you lust after but another journey through imagination?

* * * *
The best days are pathless reveries.

* * * *
You know the answer as well as I do.

* * * *
Dust is dust to dusty ends.

* * * *
Those who in humility put aside
The squalor of personal concern
Transcend into the golden realm.

* * * *
The many who want so madly to lead
Are often least capable of earning the respect
And wisdom required for true leadership.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved