28 August 2013

Chapter 56 - The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)


Despite all assertions to the contrary,
All polarizations are eternally the same oneness.
All divisions blend through awareness
Of the vainly disguised veils
Between the false distinctions
Born of the fundamental delusion
In humanity’s conceptual assumption.

* * * *
Sometimes you wonder
What others would do
If you actually were to say
What you were really thinking.

* * * *
It is a sea of relativity
In which every form of insanity
Lays one claim or another.

* * * *
You are enslaved first and foremost
By the mind caught in its own dream of time.

* * * *
Enslavement casts in many lights upon the stage.
Whether formed of acts or ideas, the result
Is the same degradation of spirit.

* * * *
You cannot prove me wrong.
All you can do is ignore what is being said,
And blindly wander through a hell of your own making.

* * * *
Methinks we and all the other creatures of eden
Were a lot better off before we civilized ourselves.

* * * *
You have created this dusty stage held together by the mind.
It is your vain imagination that blinds you to your godness.

* * * *
Do not fear to embrace your Self
As all truly holy beyond description.

* * * *
The polarization of consciousness,
Despite its apparent reality,
Is merely the sum of all dreams.

* * * *
Even two or five thousand years ago,
It was not difficult to project how
Humanity’s destiny would likely unfold.

* * * *
What makes you think you are really
In any more control of anything
Than a flower on a mountainside?

* * * *
Just how much more do you think it all can grow?
How far do you think it will all go?

* * * *
Allow the world to disappear within,
Filled by that which has never existed.

* * * *
One breath at a time.
One step at a time.
One page at a time.
One thought at a time.
One mouthful at a time.
One moment at a time.
One dream at a time.
One life at a time.
One sip at a time.
One kiss at a time.
One journey at a time.
One experience at a time.
One anything at an any time.
No wonder we are linear creatures.
The limits of time and space afford the mind
No more than sequences in the patterned unfolding.

* * * *
Much of humanity seems to be locked in the denial of death,
Denial of the ultimate reality of all mortal existence.
It is a denial of the interconnected nature,
And the fear inspired by that denial
Has set all life upon a course,
The ramifications of which
Relatively few are truly willing
To deeply examine and act upon.

* * * *
The fantasizing nature of the insatiable mind
Has run the gamut of desire over and over again,
And still we are unsatisfied in its frenzied loop.

* * * *
Truly, what say have you over any
Part or particle’s sovereign undertaking?

* * * *
The blade screams against the grinder,
But comes away sharper each time.

* * * *
No authority is cited in these writings
But the play as seen within the author,
And that very same reality within you.

* * * *
What makes any hovel humanity has ever designed
Any different than an anthill, a mole’s den,
A robin’s nest, or a lion’s lair?

* * * *
Craving takes so many venues.
One by one by one they slip away
Until one day the clarity is all-seeing
In a most indescribably describable way.

* * * *
When one moment is truly attended to,
It is lost with the advent of the next.

* * * *
Cosmic jewel or cosmic joke?
A little of both, a little of neither.

* * * *
All but the most determined
Forget to recollect
When maya provokes
The mind’s sensory feelers.

* * * *
No matter the sense,
The concoction is ever the same
As the time-bound illusion of cause and effect
Wanders from one set to the next.

* * * *
The scribe just wanted to understand and be free.
Whether you do is entirely a free will issue.

* * * *
What happens when you are no longer curious
For the gathering of knowledge?

* * * *
It is you who keeps it all going.
Without your conscious, believing presence,
None of this would be happening.
It is entirely your choice
To participate however you will.

* * * *
Activists make such vain efforts
To resolve one problem or another.
What they change often twists around
To be more of the same old thing,
Because the human psyche
Remains the same.

* * * *
What habitual mode has you believing
You must keep creating all this this way?
Or any particular way?

* * * *
You will create the so-called karma
You choose to create until you decide not to.

* * * *
Just ask yourself if you would like
Whatever you are doing to another to be done to you,
And realize that, in just another dream, it is.

* * * *
How quickly the spontaneous moment turns into destiny.

* * * *
Each of us chooses
Our own level of enlightenment
For reasons only speculations can answer.

* * * *
The warrior is all glory until a bullet rips into his head,
And suddenly another imagined life becomes food for grass.

* * * *
Light bouncing every which way,
Teasing you with every sort of fantasy,
Deluding you in every imaginable context
Born of pain and pleasure’s intertwining nature,
Until the desiring seed of wakefulness begins to sprout,
Working gradually toward that magical eternal point
When you at last blossom into a flower of god.

* * * *
Until you see all the desire and its manifest outcomes as imagined,
They will continue to ransack the quality of mind absorbed in individuality.

* * * *
The individual personality is the vain outcome of desire and fear.
Most play their parts with such rooted, firm conviction,
That any question of identity’s ultimate reality
Is ignored or fought tooth and nail.
Rare are those who discern
The indivisible nature.
Rarer still are those
Who completely
Surrender to it.

* * * *
We are proving the theory of natural selection.
The fittest do ultimately survive despite temporary attempts
At supplanting natural law with mind-made order,
An order that can only briefly challenge
The greater relativity of chaos.

* * * *
How firmly bound any given group
Becomes within its collusion,
The rules of the game,
How to dress, speak, eat,
What to say, what not to say,
Who to talk to, who not to talk to,
The scrolls of dogmatic vanity
Fill the pages of history.

* * * *
Those who have the most toys
Are buried in the same shallow grave.

* * * *
What is it which keeps you opening your eyes?
Is it a sense of wonder that you will miss out on creation?
That without you to witness time’s eternal passing,
Nothing truly is, ever was, or can ever be.
The dream of individual existence
Entices all into continuity.

* * * *
Problems need not be matters of for or against.
They are best solved through balanced simplicity,
Mindful discernment that difficulties are best answered
Through moderate process where win and loss is not the goal.

* * * *
You are responsible for your many judgments,
For the many interpretations, differences and similarities,
The many self-absorbed actions, and all the selfless ones as well.
It is you who created every spontaneous perception, and yet all the while,
There has really been no way for you to alter the dream into which you were cast.

* * * *
That which is offers no sustenance to this world or any other,
Yet without it no hunger would be dreamt or fulfilled.

* * * *
To intuitively perceive the origin of the seed,
Travel back through the branches of identity,
To the trunk and into the roots, to that point,
That speck of consciousness, that “I am”,
From which your illusory dream arose.
There you will find the truth of your being.

* * * *
The reflections cast by maya
Have a logic born of the order
Created by the mind-body receiver,
Which is, of course, also maya.

* * * *
What a unique tribe seers are.
The membership, no matter how it adds up,
Always totals one.

* * * *
Sometimes you wish you could again believe
The delusionary world as you once did,
But no, your destiny is the eternal,
And the world is for the meek
Too blind for the immortality
In which you swim at ease.

* * * *
We are monkeys with angelic potential.

* * * *
Watch the world,
Watch the watcher,
Watch the watcher watching.
Where is the infinity of oneness possible
Without the other imagining all.

* * * *
What serenity to go through a day, a week, a lifetime,
Harboring no ill will toward any in your dreamtime world.
Highly unlikely, but that is for each dream’s telling.

* * * *
It would be a much more pleasant world
If we would treat each other a bit more kindly,
If we would be a bit less insecure in this mortal theatre.
But at this time’s scribing, as in those of times of the first thoughts,
Humanity’s evolutionary tack has not been of that benign nature.
We seem at this point ignorantly resigned to a difficult lesson
From which only history will glean the trial and tribulation.

* * * *
Treat no other as you would not be treated.

* * * *
Realize the commonality of all seeds
Of this garden world or any other,
That the genesis is the same for all,
And you are merely one of an infinite cast,
One temporal witness to the mystery of creation,
Center stage for a brief dreamtime stroll through eternity.

* * * *
Subscribe to no limitation, no boundary, no form.
Insist on sovereignty with every particle of your being.
Though you might well appear to be in the chains
Of one servitude, one enslavement or another,
Let nothing dampen the fire of your spirit within.

* * * *
Try to discern and immerse in the oneness
Before you market it for personal gain,
If you have the stomach for it afterwards.

* * * *
To witness fully without attachment,
To be timelessly aloof and serene in time,
Is the harmony of manifest godness.

* * * *
To daily wander observing every moment within and without,
The mirror of reflection seeing the one in all,
And the all in one.

* * * *
Identifying with the food-body inspires a painful path through purgatory.
Throwing off the false identification, peering beneath its busy shroud,
Discerning its illusory nature, and cultivating the courage to realize
That the witness prior to all reflections is the only sovereign issue,
That is the pathless journey of those who seek eternal liberation.

* * * *
Who, what, where, when, why, how is a free spirit?

* * * *
Anonymity is the best teacher.
The flame finds those who seek it.

* * * *
Every manner of mutt,
But for them with a few generations
Of imaginary lineage.

* * * *
If you want to ponder, then this little work
May be that for which you are looking.

* * * *
Indomitable will surrenders to reverence.

* * * *
Wonder knows no discontent.

* * * *
Integrity often has a relativity about it.

* * * *
The unlimited is encased by thought.

* * * *
At some point everything in this world
Leaves that same dusty taste.

* * * *
Daily you rise to a self-proclaimed role
Inspired by the power of suggestion
Life has molded your mind into.

* * * *
Money and the value it represents
Is merely the barren child of a lesser god.

* * * *
The fear of letting go all sense of identity
Is another facet of the desire for continuity.

* * * *
The obvious is ever skewed by superstitious fear
And the vain quest for glory, power and wealth.
It is the hollow game of mammon-worshippers
Who have used the concept of god to their ends
Since the possibility was first conceived long ago.

* * * *
Many seem to enjoy
The trepidation of superstition,
Of magical bargains with invisible powers,
Of complex methods warding off evil and advancing good.
Ignorance finds so many vain ways to play the game
Of creating mind-made order out of that which
Has ever been the eternal sovereignty.

* * * *
You do not need all the details of human history
To extrapolate the gist of its probable direction.

* * * *
Your version of this dreamy universe
May present a caste of players,
But in this player’s vision,
All parts are equal.

* * * *
Extinguish the diversity,
And your own end is clear.

* * * *
You have been trained to participate
In whatever society you were hatched into,
Ingrained to support, compete, produce, consume,
To follow vain leaders, to worship idols of church and state,
To value the false gold of the wealthy and spiritually impoverished
Who, through the collusion of all, have shaped this drama into hellish fare.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The Stillness Before Time (Compendium)
© Michael J. Holshouser 2009
World Rights Reserved